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Hello! Harllow! 

When is your last trip with your family and friends? 
I seriously can't remember when's mine. It has been so long since I last travelled.

I am so grateful to be able to meet them, which I knew for like a few months (not even half a year). We click so well that we decided to have a 3 days 2 nights road trip to Penang. When going for a trip, the hardest part is not planning the itinerary, but the people who is going. Super glad that they are very easy going and ONS kind of person. 

The whole trip is a very chill one, all about having fun and enjoying good food, that is recommended by the locals. Yup, 2 of them are Penang-lang, which made this trip to happen so successful. I think this is probably my first time visiting Penang because I have no memory for Penang at all. LOL

Here is what we have done and if you're lazy to read, you can just straight to the video ;).

For the first day, we had our breakfast at 7 Village Noodle House, where they serve really good noodle soup. After that, we sit the ferry to Georgetown and went to a nearby temple, Thai Pak Koong Temple. In fact, there are so many temples in Penang that we didn't know which one to visit, while Kek Lok Si Temple is a bit far from where we stay, so we decided to give it a pass. After that, we had some layered cakes at The Twelve Cups and decided to chill a bit in our Airbnb before dinner. Dinner was at a nearby food court which I can't really remember. We also walked around the 1st Avenue Mall and visited a nearby hidden bar, Magazine 63, before we really start our night at Ozoo

For the second day, we had the best laksa and fried pohpiah at Penang Air Itam Laksa. We also have the Air Itam Sister Curry Mee, which is pretty famous, but we find the food So-So (not very nice) only. After filling our tummy, we went to Escape Park and spent half day there, which is not enough at all! Dinner was at 888 Hokkien Mee, and it is SOO Good! Cendol is very nice as well, so if you happen to be there, should defo try them. Had desserts (best tiramisu cake) at the longest and coolest cafe, China House. Before we had our supper at the famous fish head bee hoon at Village Fish Head Bee Hoon, we went to take some picture with the Penang mural art and Lee's Jetty. Fun fact, the Penang supper is pretty extreme because they love having spicy fish head noodle before they sleep. LOL.

For the third day, we had our dim sum nearby and went back to KL early in the morning.

Phiuh, yup, that's all for my Penang trip! 
Sorry, not much picture, cause I keep focusing on taking videos that I neglected my photo. 
Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading/ watching the video and I will see you guys soon.


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  1. Which food must try when go to peneng?

    1. Hi Rex, you should definitely try the laksa and fried pohpiah at Penang Air Itam Laksa, penang hokkien mee at 888 Hokkien Mee, tiramisu cake at China House and also fish head bee hoon at Village Fish Head Bee Hoon! They are really delicious! <3