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Harlow bunnies! Finally, I am sitting down writing my experience during my last BeautyExpo Tour.
Sorry for the long wait and it was my pleasure to be able to be invited to the BeautyExpo 2018 first ever influencer experience tour, that is under collaboration with MadMavericks. 

If you didn't know what a BeautyExpo is, it is actually a place where you are able to witness a wide variety of beauty stuff from established backgrounds of different countries around the world. In fact, the beauty expo 2018 has a remarkable history of 17 years and global participation from countries all across. It is now the pioneer in the beauty trade show, which has the distinction of being the longest running and most established premier beauty event in Southeast Asia.

This year, the BeautyExpo was powered by Cosmoprof Asia, which has a long and successful partnership history. The event focused more on innovative beauty products, and the latest advancement in technologies. 

Now, I am going to introduce some of the booths that I have visited that day.

Ruby-Cell is a revolutionary skincare brand from Korea, offering their customers and clients from all ages a total solution preparation to help your skin to recapture its strength and youth. It is formulated with growth factors comprised of AAPE (Advanced Adipose-derived Stem Cell Protein Extract) or APL and other high-performing ingredients. 

Their best seller would be the Ruby-Cell serum, which is an All-in-One Total Anti-Aging skin care solution for long-lasting deep hydration, lifting, brightening, smoothing, wrinkle reducing, pore minimizing, collagen regeneration and more. The Ruby-Cell serum particles are nano-sized particles (the size of one hair divided into 1million pieces) thus, it is deeply absorbed by any type of skin to the dermis level, even on top of your full make-up. 


FUNSACE is a makeup brand where their target audience is young ladies, and especially those who have a fantasy on the unicorn. Their latest collection was all about Unicorn fantasy that most of the ladies would love.

Their best sellers would be the Funsace Cistus Incanus Flower V7 Tone Up Cream which is able to purify, block, whitening and moisturize your skin to have a perfect nude look. So that you can shine everywhere, anywhere and anytime. The picture above shows that my left hand is significantly brighter and fairer than my right hand after applying the cream.

The name of Skinphy is derived from Skin + Philosophy, which has the meaning of “Simplify the Philosophy of Skincare”. The idea was to create a simple and easy curated destination site that makes safe, harsh-free beauty products and the latest skincare trends accessible to keep women and men from all over the world looking amazing and confident.

I believe you guys might be familiar with some of their brands, such as Dr. Jart+, Etude House. TonyMoly, Mediheal, Missha Nature Republic, Laneige and more. They even have brands like Adaline, Keep Cool, Rx. Collabo, The Saem, Intoskin, Freeset and other brands that are haven't in Malaysia yet.

Gilda Cosmetic is a Swedish Premium Skincare brand for all skin types, which work with microencapsulation system that preserve vitamins fresh by isolating them in capsules. It is the new generation of skincare with active skincare products that effectively affects the skin’s structure and balance.

Gilda skincare line is focused on results and active ingredients as they use high concentrations of powerful ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy in synergistic, innovative delivery systems to effectively treat various skin types and conditions.  You can expect a younger and more beautiful appearance with improvements of for example acne, wrinkles, large pores and hyperpigmentation provide healthy skin with visible results. 

KDM is founded in 2016, where the company's objective is to provide affordable and convenient manufacturer special appliances for the home to create a healthy beauty lifestyle. They are now growing into global health, health care and beauty care exports through product production and international distribution.

One of their product, the Lady Rhea Aqua Clean provides two skincare functions, the Aqua & Clean which covers from cleaning, exfoliation, peeling, nutrition, whitening and moisturization. It is demonstrated and I was pretty impressed by the dirt and impurities that the machine has sucked out after staying outside for a long day. 

B&B Labs is a Malaysian company with technology from Switzerland that caters more than 50 Asian ingredients in their targeted range for pre-mature ageing and problem skin. It pushes skincare beyond the conventional by integrating traditional modalities with the latest technology. The result is a line of skin solutions unmatched both in terms of diversity and efficacy.

They have spent years carefully researching and curating the traditional Asian ingredients used in their products. They have successfully married Asian ingredients known for centuries, such as durian and mangosteen, for their curative and transformative properties, with their proven methods to activate their cosmeceutical powers. To be honest, I am very impressed by their work tho.

7. J.Kao

J.Kao is founded by the Taiwanese actress, Jean Kao, who I took picture with. She has spent two years researching and developing products. She wants to present the brand in a different lifestyle for women with an elegant attitude as your life lies in your own domination.

Recently, she has finally developed an LV-grade high-grade mask, which is the Ultra Performance Instant Reviving Mask. What is so amazing about the mask is that all you need is a simple 5 minutes mask on your skin, it'll enable you to revive your age and to achieve a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Organique was inspired to create a skincare range that could draw on the adaptive ability of some of Australia’s most beautiful plants which not only survive but thrive in the harsh Australian conditions. The creator sought to create premium products that would protect her sensitive skin from the extreme environmental changes occurring globally. 

Organique’s uniqueness stems from its pristine Olinda spring water with its deeply hydrating, restorative and toxins inhibiting trace minerals. In recognition of the benefits of nature Organique selects the best ingredients, many originating as organically grown and naturally occurring botanicals from Australian native plants. 

TOUCHBeauty is an international brand registered in the UK and other 53 countries and regions. It has been focusing on design, research & development, manufacturing, and sales of Beauty & Personal Care Devices in more than 80 countries and now they have a complete range of beauty tools, covering Facial Care, Body Care, Makeup Accessories, Pedicure/Manicure and even Men’s Care.

They always pursue the development of modern technology, innovation, and global recognition where their first invention was the Heated Eyelash Curler, which is currently still one of their best sellers. In 2004, they have developed the world’s first rotating facial cleanser, and there are so many other existing brand competitors now.

COLOUR ISTGURU is from Guangzhou Clinique Cosmetics Company and their philosophy is to go against traditional makeup, with the qualities of REAL COLOUR of Glamour, Self-confidence, Fashion And Avantgarde. It encourages women to dare themselves to do something and learn how to show the colour and the beauty of nature while enjoying the process of makeup.

 They believe that the law of beauty is not immutable and unchangeable, which made them came out with a lot of unique fun colours and amazing products out of your imagination. One of their product which got me really interest would be their black lipstick. It is not your usual red lipstick nor an unpopular black lipstick. It is actually a colour-changing lipstick that depends on body temperature.

11. AGE 20's 

AGE 20's by Mein cosmetics specializes in Korean cosmetics. Their line of cosmetics aspires to inspire and empower women to look their best like in their 20s. Look how glowy the girl's face is! Definitely, resemble the current Korean makeup trend of glowy clear skin look.

Their signature is the AGE 20'S Essence Cover Pact Moisture, which is an essence covered foundation pact formulated with Hyaluronic Acid & Marine Antioxidant Complex for a moisturized, younger-looking & luminous complexion. It is like an All-In-One cushion, with the functions of Anti-Wrinkle, Whitening and Triple Latte formula that corrects, covers and creates a luminous complexion. 

12. DOMO Hair

DOMO HAIR was founded by the Japanese founder of More Fun House who emphasized strongly on the enterprise ethics of “integrity, trust, and courtesy” represented in “DOMO / ども ”, which means thank you. “DOMO” also have the connotations of “DO” and “MORE”, where “DO” means to implement and create while “MORE” refers to exceeding imaginations, achieving breakthroughs and creating more value. In Chinese, DOMO also has a pronunciation similar to “多毛” ”which means “more hair”.

Their Hair-Plus System specializes in providing solutions for hereditary male pattern baldness, such as M-Type baldness and frontal baldness, as well as other hair loss issues, such as postpartum hair loss, Alopecia areata, pressure-induced baldness, and scalp injuries.  The brand was initially created to meet the requirements of Hollywood movies. The designs of the hair systems underwent various improvements to meet the requirements of Hollywood movies for realistic, flawless, and convincing hairstyles where you can bath in it, exercise, swim and even extreme activities, just like a real hair but not! 

ATS is a premium Korean brand that is recognised for its treatment based products. Their objective is to enhance the nature beauty of the hair with their ATS family of products, such as the Hair colour (ATS Fever), perming solution (ATS Reflash Perm), hair treatment (ATS New Born), scalp treatment (ATS Prestige)

Their scalp treatment, the ATS Prestige, is one of their selling points, as it includes five ingredients from marine life, which are essential to regeneration technology, that promote call regeneration of scalp provides key nutrients to such as amino acid, vitamins and minerals for the health of hair and scalp.

14. Hair Rock

Hair RockProducts Sdn Bhd is an experienced, professional and leading company in the hair and beauty industry. They are very familiar to the customers' need and want, and are always looking for the best quality products to give their clients and customers the best product offering. Not only that, they carried a wide selection of hair and beauty products that are favourites among hair salons, and even supply Barber equipment, furniture and fixtures everywhere around Malaysia. 

 Their hair dryer is their best selling product, which is the NekPro series, with its quality power and features. Another one of their high-quality product is the hair/ moustache brush, handmade from the factory with the best quality of horse fur and suitable for everyone including Muslims. It's a halal product that is good for a smooth, silky and healthier hair. They also have a range of electric hair shaver that barbers or hair saloon love using, because of its easy-to-use, less noise, no friction, precise cut and powerful blades.

KALA Image carries a few ranges of branded goods that cater to a good range for the hands, foot care and nails. Their THUYA Professional Line is of a relaxing hand and foot spa care regime that you can do it from home. TALLY Professional Nail Products carries accessories to beautify the nails with sparkling beads and diamonds. VOGUE, on the other hand, covers the beauty of the Nails &Eyes.

They actually carry more variety of Top International brands and they never stop in bringing trendy designs, new technologies and great services into Malaysia and Singapore market. If you have a passion for nail art, Kala Image is famous for their education and reward system established since 2016 where they have successfully delivered 7 scholarship holders to Korea for advanced nail master training.

ReBirth Nail Paradise factory carries a professional nail supply of gel nail polish, UV LED lamps and products that are recognized by EU CE, German BV, MSDS and SGS certified. Their products are exported to several countries like Europe, America, South America, Russia, Japan and South Korea.

 I am pretty surprised that they will be the first nail products in OEM/ODM processing service in Malaysia! Their products like Miss OLY, OSLY and LU'GX have its own unique colours and features that is mesmerizing to look at! They now have a few nail saloons open at Kuchai Lama, SS2 and Kepong. Here is the Fave discount that I found, if you want to try their service.

This BeautyExpo is perfect if you're a business owner, trading partner, saloon owner, entrepreneur, "planning" to be a beauty parlour owner, online reseller or even just a beauty junkie or beauty collector, then please come over!

If you missed it this round, stay tuned for the next BeautyExpo 2019 on 4th-7th October 2019! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 

That's all for the post.
Thanks for reading.


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