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Hellow, bunnies!

I am here with another review for you girls! If you have followed my Insta, you might already know that I have attended the LipAddict Tea Party a few weeks ago and here I am going to review about them. 

Before I jump into the review, let me bring you girls along with me to the Tea Party! 

After registered myself at the counter, I have immediately attracted by this instragrammable table which is full of desserts! It was regretful that I didn't take more picture in front of the dessert table.
Like, before me even realizing, everyone has started to eat them. LOL

What is Lipaddict?

The ISKIN Lipaddict is actually a lipgloss, which can have the effect of lip plumper. It is an ANTI-AGING lip treatment that can reduce fine lines, hydrates, plumps and improve the definition of the lip contour. 

It is not a normal 'lip gloss' but a non-injectable lip treatment that provides anti-aging, instant plump, instant healing, and instant moisture.

Want to know more about Lipaddict? 
Continue reading then, cause I will be telling you if it really works. :)

Here is me playing and trying out the Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper before the event even started! HAHAHA. I just can't wait. LOL.

 All the colors are so pretty and guess what!? They have all 12 different shades of pink! 

Don't you think that the colors are super gorgeous? 
So dreamy and princessy!

Thank you Yana and Miriam for the swatches on their hand. 💗

(picture credit to Eros)

What is in Lipaddict?

We were so concentrated on learning what Lipaddict was about during the introduction.
I am actually quite surprised that most of the lip plumpers in the market are using artificial ingredients to achieve the lip plumper effect. 

In fact, most of the ingredients that Lipaddict used are natural! It includes all the great stuff that all our lips need, such as Peptides (which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles), Vitamin C & E (helps to soothe and heal cracked lips), Organic Oils (to moisture your lips), Hyaluronic Acid (provide hydration from the inside out), Marine Collagen (provide elasticity and plump skin cell), and Organic Plant Extract. 

Here is the makeup artist trying to demonstrate how we can create the day and night look using the Lipaddict colors. She demonstrated how we can mix and match more than 2 colors to achieve the perfect color for our look. 

After that, we got to go creative and play with the colors.
Look at the photos below and tell me what do you think. :)

(picture credit to Eros)

Natural, Day look and Night look for my lips.

For the Day, I mixed 206 Pink Princess and 208 Razzle Dazzle to create a more natural and cute look.
For the Night, I wanted to have a stronger color for my lip, so I mixed 205 Sexy Seductress and 210 Glamour. 

I personally love both of the outcomes. And I feel that it's like it is super hard for you to get a weird color after mixing everything together cause all the pinks are just too pretty!


(picture credit to Eros)

One last group photo to end the Tea Party. 

Now, it's the exciting part. I know you girls have been thinking, 
Does this ISKIN Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper really work as it claimed?

The shades that I got are 

As I have mentioned, Lipaddict is not just an ordinary lip gloss. It is actually a lip plumper, which can give you a fuller, younger and smoother lips without any needle. It is pretty common for people nowadays to have surgery/ injection to have pouting lips like Kylie Jenner. 

The packaging makes the colour a bit bold, but when I swatched them on my hand, the colours are just nice and nothing too much. I love this kind of clear tube design, where you can see what exactly the colour it is and how much is left in the tube. 
For the scent, it is a very nice minty flavour. like the toothpaste we usually use. It has a very cooling sensation and you might feel a bit of tingling for a few minutes. It is not the most uncomfortable feeling, but it does feel weird when I first used it. And the aftertaste is kinda sweet and nice. HAHA.
The staying power is what I would have expected from a lip gloss. I would disappear after my meal and I will need to reapply it again. 

This is the shade in #213 Jewel, which is suitable for night treatment since it is transparent. 
It is able to heal dry and chapped lips while you're sleeping! 

To be honest, I am really amazed when my lips feel extra moist and soft the next morning I wake up. 
I already have quite full lips, so I don't really see a major change with the plumping. The fine lines on my lips do look a little bit smoother. But the downside is that it is really sticky. I hate it sticking to my hair when I am sleeping. :(

Also, not to forget, it helps to remove my dead skin the next day after I use it, which make my lips extra soft. 💗

This one is in the shade of #2018 Razzle Dazzle. It is more shimmery and shiny than the previous one, so it does make an illusion that my lips look plumper and healthier here.

The color is a bit sheer, but you still can wear it alone, or put your favorite shade of lipstick as the base and this on the top to create the same pouting effect. It looks super natural on lips, with a hint of pink, without making you look too sick. So if you want a glossy lip but nothing too dramatic, this can be your choice to keep your lips hydrated and all day. 

Here, I am using the shade in #210 Glamour.
The colour is the darkest one among the three. It is a very nice pinkish colour, which I think is suitable for all occasions. Obviously, my lips look healthier and not that pale after using it and I love how it makes the lines on my lips invisible. 

Love how it makes my lips moist and smooth, which solved my chapped lips problem. But like all the other 2 lip gloss, unlike matte lipstick, it feels really sticky.

I am not really a lip gloss person but ever since I tried ISKIN Lipaddict, I have been using it when I feel that my lips need hydration. I have been using the Lipaddict Night Treatment #213 Jewel almost every night to prevent chappy lips. Every time I used it, my lips feel really refreshing and I love how it moisturized my lips for hours.

The con side would be the stickiness, which is a no-no for me. If it does not stick to my hair whenever the wind blows, I would have worn the colored lip gloss every day, since it is able to hydrate, heal and make my lips lines less obvious with a glossy tint of color. 

For the plumping effect, I honestly don’t see any noticeable difference. But I do think it’s a nice moisturizing lip product. It can be on the pricey side for the price for a lip gloss, but it is pretty reasonable for a lip treatment that does the work for making sure my lips is moisturized all day. Although I think I have full lips already, I can’t deny the fact that using Lipaddict has minimized the chapping on my lips and made it look healthier and hydrated.

That's all for this post.
For more info, do check out their website HERE.
You can either get it through their Facebook or PM them on their Instagram. :)


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