Go With The Flow

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It has been a while since I write something personal. 
I am not sure if you guys like this kind of post more or the reviews.

Oh well, let me update you guys what I have been up to then.
Time flies and I have been working for almost 8 months. It is so unbelievable, like I have just graduated from Monash! When my friends are stressing up on assignments, exams and studies, I have kind of forgotten how it is felt like to be a student. 

Working can be pretty stressful sometimes and I believe nothing is easy. Surely, everyone faces problems and issues everyday. But how much do they really show it out? Just like all the pretty photos in social media, everyone looks so perfect and happy.

Sometimes, I feel that I am not greedy enough, not passionate/ eager enough to learn/ get something.
Looking at my senior, I always wonder what keeps him going so far. Is it the money, the dream, the goal or the future that he wants to achieve? He is super hardworking; always not the earliest person to leave the office, but you hardly see a complaint from him. It must be something that keeps pushing him and helping him to overcome the stress.

They said: you gotta set your goal high, but not unreachable.
Think of the purpose you're living and what has made you come this far. 
Life would be easier if you know where to go. 

If you know me well, I always go with the flow. After finals, I start searching for work and during that time, I have no idea what I want to do. Sometimes, I really hate myself for thinking too less and carefree. But then on sometimes, I do feel grateful for being so thoughtless. LOL. Probably one of the reasons why I am happier? 😅

Life is hard as it is. It is hard enough to destroy a person, so why make it harder?
When you don't know what to do, just follow what your heart tells you. If your heart is uncertain about something, uphold a little bit more. Even if it hurts as hell, nothing is going to be worse when it comes to regret. At least, I tried. And that's what I always tell myself. 

Want story?
People has been kept asking me "Any progress with A?". Anyway, A is a guy who I knew recently. He is a very warm person, super helpful and kind. I sometimes get confused, like is he only being so nice to me or he is just a really nice guy, who treats everyone the same? Well, when I tell them that we are just friends, they sure ask "why you don't want to chase him ah? He so nice." -.-

Like hello?
I have been single for 22 years and I can continue living a single life for the next few years (still don't have to rush for a boyfriend. HAHAHA). Tbh, I do find that having a relationship can be really sweet and probably one of the best things in life. But I don't force it to happen. Because I believe that the fate will bring us together.

I don't force thing to happen. And probably that's also the reason why I am still single. LOL.
Anyway, I don't need a man to make my life better, because my life is at my discretion. Even for work, I am just going to climb up slowly (probably super slow) to earn my first million. HAHAHA.

Never forget to live the life that you want 💗 and
NEVER forget that you are the most precious thing in your life.
Cause you only live once.

That's all for this post.
Thanks for reading and I will see you guys soon.


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