Bentong Day Trip

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Hello, Bunnies! 
Yay to 24days of annual leave I have and here I am staying at home, clearing my photo gallery and doing stuff that I love. 💗

And guess what I found? I found some of the images that I took during my Bentong trip and I was thinking like, why not I write what I have done and eat that day! So, here it goes~ 
Our first station: the Bentong morning market~ ~

The very first thing my mom did is to get the Bentong ginger xD 
If you didn't know yet, Bentong is really famous for their ginger, because of the strong taste and spiciness. My mom bought a lot of them for herself and her sisters tho 😝.

While the aunty was doing her duty, we "kid" got attracted to the malt candy next door.
We're attracted to the seller, who is doing the malt candy on the spot. Of course, we can't miss the chance to get one for each of us. 

Opposite the ginger and malt candy store were this Bentong Tau Fu Fa. 
As a Tau Fu Fa lover, I didn't get to try their Taufufa here, instead, we had it at another store, which is recommended by the locals. 

Here, we have the Smooth Taufa Tang Heng! 
The Tau Fu Fa is really smooth, soft and delicious! 😍 After having half bowl of my Taufa, only then I realised that I forgot to snap a picture of it. HAHAHA. I am pretty particular on the taufufa that I eat. I especially love it when it is fresh and hot, just out of the container. 💗 And here it is, one of the best taufa I had.

We also bought some rice dumpling (Zong zi) and we got deceived by the banner. :( The person who is selling this told us that their dumplings are very nice, with a lot of ingredients in it. But the truth is: the rice is more than the meat 😯. Taste is just kay kay only (To be honest, it is not very nice). LOL.

Main purpose of the trip? Of course it's Bentong durian!
My parents can never resist durian. They will still buy and eat it even when they got mouth ulcer.
I didn't have any of the durians even though they said it's very nice. This is because I didn't want to have stinky fingers and there's no toilet around. But they do provide water for those who want to wash their hands la.

Next up, we had some ice kacang and cendol because the weather is too hot and we're like melting. We had our desserts at T.A.K Ice Cream Corner and I feel that they're pretty good. But, I still think that Malacca has the best cendol. :P

Before we head up to Genting, we stopped by at this Bentong Tau Fu Pok, which is run by the whole family. I got to try their freshly fried Tau Fu Pok, and I tell you, it is so delicious even without the sauce! 💗 We bought a few packets for our relatives and they all love it! :D 

Last but not least, got some fried red bean bao and fried sweet potato balls on our way back. 
Not sure where we got it, but we just got it when we passed by.

This is a very short itinerary or you can say my travel diary. 
If 1 day I would like to visit Bentong again, at least I know where to go and what to get.
So, that's all for this post. Thanks for reading and I will see you guys in my next post :).


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