|REVIEW| The Face Shop White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream

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Hi everyone, I am back with another review post! :)
When it comes to Korean skincare, it is all about having dewy and fair glass skin. Today, I am going to talk about this The Face Shop White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream, which I got recently. 

This White Seed Radiance Cream is a daily tone-up cream that instantly brightens and smoothes out dull, flaky skin tone with ingredients including hyaluronic acid and willow extract. It is a radiance cream that illuminates your complexion like an instant spotlight. 🔆

If you didn't know yet, White Seed is a basic brightening skincare targeting those who are aged 25 and below that uses white seed complex and 3-step real brightening system (skin tone care, spot care and brightening) to keep skin bright, milk-like and clear. 

As the moisturiser from this skincare line is a cream with brightening function, this product brings out the natural glow of skin in the skincare step (instant brightening). It is able to prep your skin before you apply any makeup and is great for the day to achieve natural brightened complexion
Dual function. In fact, it works greatly on fighting pigmented skin and uneven skin tone.

It contains “Titanium Dioxide” which is a natural mineral ingredient that helps in
absorbing ultra-violet rays, enabling a transparent barrier that protects the skin. At the same time, its fine and whitish powder appearance provides some coverage for blemishes too!

The White Seed Moisture Cream comes in a white coloured, heavy plastic jar packaging, with a silver-grey screw lid on top. There is an additional lid inside to prevent the product from spilling and a spatula for hygiene purpose. 

The cream is in the light pink coloured and it has a fresh floral fragrance, which I love. 
The texture is a bit thick but pretty easy to blend on the skin. :)

How to Use: After applying lotion, dispense a sufficient amount and spread over the face from the centre out. 

As you can see in the above picture, the product applied very well and even. The cream is able to give you an instant brightening effect on your skin that usually one or two tones lighter than your natural skin tone. I feel that it is a really great product for those who want to improve dull skin tones.

Here is a picture of me applying the product on half of my face; with the cream on my left side and without the cream on my right side. I think it is pretty obvious that the left side of my face is brighter and clearer. 

To be honest, the cream is really effective on brightening my skin tone, as I only used a small amount for my whole face. It gives an instant brightening effect, yet still looking natural and far off from that ghost-looking white cast.

In fact, I look less dead and more lively after using the cream! If you want your skin to have the natural glow, a little goes a long way. But if you want a fairer and brighter skin, you can use a little more of the product. By the way, the cream is not oily AT ALL! 😍 Totally a great product to kick away dullness.

What makes me love this product more is that it doesn’t have any SPF in it, which mean I can even use it at night! But I feel that it is slightly less hydrating for my skin, so I usually use it in the day for a better complexion.

Overall, I really love it because it actually helps with my skin's yellowness as it naturalises my skin tone. I would love to recommend this product for those of you, who are looking for a tone-up product that is infused with skin brightening benefits. This product is also ideal for those of you who love no-makeup makeup look as this cream works great underneath sunscreen.

Thus, I am rating this 4/5. It is indeed a decent moisturiser that can help instantly brighten up my skin 💓
A minor point deduction is merely because it is slightly less hydrating than I have expected it to be.

That's all for it.
See you guys in my next post! Annyeong~


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