Graduation Day 2018 | Monash University Malaysia

by - 9:45 AM

Hi guys, I am finally a graduated from Monash University Malaysia! To be honest, I am actually super proud of myself! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been really supportive throughout these 3 years, especially my family and friends. Love you guys to the moon and back 😘. 

Here are some of the little moments that I have captured on my convocation day and a huge shoutout to my younger sister who helped me to take most of the moments when I was super busy taking pictures with my friends. 

Super grateful that cousin sister and brother came to my graduation 😍
We are like real brother and sister and that's how close we are 😊

Friend since primary school!
Even though we are not like super close until we went to the same secondary school.
Thanks for coming and represent the group 😆

Love. Love. Love them so much! 
Thank you for all the impromptu trips/outing (always super last minute. HAHAHA) and I hope that we are still this close, despite of our busy schedule 😊

Thank you for all the accompany and memories!
Words can't describe how grateful and lucky to have all of you! 💓
Anyways, I hope all of you, who are currently still studying / already working, that your dream can take you to your smile, hopes and success 💓

"In response to those who say to stop dreaming and face reality, I say keep dreaming and make reality."  - Kristian Kan

Hope you guys enjoy watching it and I will see you guys in my next video! 
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BTW, I have been working really hard on my Youtube channel so I might have neglected my blog a bit. So sorry but do stay tuned to my Youtube channel cause I am going to share more wonderful stuff there :)

*Wanted to write a long post about what I think after graduating from Uni, but seriously have no time for it. But I have posted what I think about my first time having a real job. :) Feel free to read it. *


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