On Hunt for A Better Florist in Malaysia?

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It is the graduation month!

My Facebook feed is filled with the graduation photos and it's true that I just graduated from Monash University as well. If you're on the hunt for the best florist in Malaysia that’s going to offer you luxurious flowers that you see on Pinterest, at a very affordable price, you're definitely in the right page!

Rest assured that with a team of florists like A Better Florist, you’re set for a lifetime. This is the best Malaysia flower delivery, and they completely took the florist game to a whole other level. Everything is upgraded, improved and customer-centric. Before they step foot in Malaysia and began to offer a flower delivery to JB, a KL flower delivery, a flower delivery in Ipoh and finally a flower delivery in Penang, they were actually quite a successful florist in Singapore. If you do a bit of research, you’ll see that they offered the best flower delivery Singapore has ever had, and this good word of mouth follows them in Malaysia as well.


A Better Florist is convenient because you get to shop online. Most businesses today have an online shop, but A Better Florist made their website user-friendly as well as mobile-friendly. There’s just enough options to easily find what you need, and everything is organised into collections, so you can easily find funeral flowers when you need them urgently, or any other type of flowers for any kind of occasion. In addition to fresh and beautiful flowers every day, they also have a fruit basket and a hamper collection.

Their hamper is filled with themed designs, such as a baby hamper, or a get well soon hamper. But you also get to request a unique hamper, suitable for everything you might have in mind. They also offer a very swift delivery, that enables them to deliver to any part of the city you’re in, within just 90 minutes. This is the only florist with a same day flower delivery and free. Sure, there are plenty of florists who offer a delivery, and that’s nothing spectacular and new. What’s spectacular is a free same day delivery, every day, with no exceptions.


This kind of flower delivery is guaranteed, and this is why they are known as the best flower delivery in UAE, the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, the best flower delivery Hong Kong has, and the best florist in Dubai. The internet is filled with glowing reviews of the florist that thinks about the customer like they’re family. With a spectacular delivery that is raved about, whether it’s their UAE flower delivery or the best flower delivery in any Malaysia city, A Better Florist is definitely the best florist in HK, and not just the best florist in Hong Kong but Malaysia as well. Stroll by their flower shop or hop onto their website and witness the beauty of their flower creations by yourself.

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