My first time having a "real" job

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One more month until the end of my probation.

I can still remember clearly how I got the job, working in a banking industry. 

I just finished my finals and my mom already started to ask me whether I have found a job and sending my resumes. 

At that moment, I was still feeling exhausted from my last paper and seriously have no mood to find a job. I entertained my mom a little by telling her that I was going to do so. 

God knows what I want to do in my future. 
I had no plan at all and did not know where to go.

After a week of staying at home, doing nothing. I started to feel bored and surfing job portal like JobStreet and Graduan. 

While everyone was having fun and travelling around, I stayed at home dropping my resume everywhere. *another way of travelling with my resume through the internet* LOL.

I complained to my mom for being too harsh on me. I was just like a kid who was forbidden to get out from the house to play with other kids at the playground. But she brought me back to the reality and asked me this question, "Do you have the money?".

They taught me money never comes easily

I consider I am one of the lucky ones, such as having a house to stay, university to attend, and food to eat when I am hungry. Even though I am not from a super rich family, my parents always support me what I am doing. Consider I am a good daughter, I don't really spend my parent's money much, except for the education.

Ever since I started to do a part-time job, in my third year of high school (form 3), I never like working because it is tiring as hell and I envy my friends, who have never worked before, because they have such an easy life. 

But now, I thank them for helping me to grow up, to be independent and face the world myself. They really did a great job in encouraging me and pushing me to the real world step by step. 

I earn my own money, spend my own money. 
I still think that work is more tiring than studying, but I am able to face it and solve my problem myself. 

How I got my first job

I was one of the first few people who got a permanent job. The reason why I got it is because when others are still having fun, enjoying their holidays and travelling, I already started applying for a job. I have never had an internship or working experience in the industry that related to my major.
So, my working experience is ZERO.
I feel that if you apply faster than others, even when you are not the most suitable candidate, the company will eventually choose you because they urgently need someone who can fill in the vacancy.

The other reason is that I am not a very picky person. At that point of time, when I was hunting for a job, I was still very new to the whole job thingy, like I have no idea what I want to do / what I will face/be doing if I got the job. I seriously have no idea so I just follow the flow and apply everything.
I felt that I was a piece of plain paper, waiting for an artist to paint me.

Afterall, I just a need a job that can pay me well and keep me going.

Before I got my current job, I had a 1 month of internship (my first internship) in December. Yup, exactly after my finals. I thought that I will continue to work there since I really love the environment and the people there. 

But then I received another call, asking me whether I am available for the interview for a "REAL" job. I thought for a while, before accepting the offer. In the end, I went to the interview, thinking that it would be great to have a permanent job, than just an internship. Because there is no guarantee that I can continue working in that company. So, it is like a backup plan for me. 

Before I go to the interview, I make sure I know my thing well, including the company's culture. I can be a really blur person because I am not very observant and I don't really pay attention to things around me. But when I am serious about something, I will definitely do my homework and give my best. I feel that it is extremely important to be confident (or at least act confident) and speak clearly (without fear to make mistakes).

I thought I will get noticed a week after my interview, but there was no news. So I assumed that I was disqualified. Out of my expectation, I received the call 2 weeks later, telling me that I had passed my interview. I really did not expect that will happen because I felt that I didn't do well during the interview (maybe I didn't do that badly?).

My first time having a "REAL" job

I can't believe that I have been working for almost 5 months!
Can you even believe this?

I just had my convocation and now I am almost done with my 6 months probation!

WOW...Just wow!

I do face difficulties while working as a permanent staff. There is more responsibility for me and I am kinda afraid to make mistakes. I still remember on the first day of my work, they were already giving me the real job, such as monthly reports that will be submitted to the director of my division.

I thought it was just for practice, but when the moment my colleague asked me to chop the company's stamp on the paper, I was like stunned (No wonder she made sure everything is correctly done and all la). She didn't mind the hassle of asking me to change for over I don't know how many times (such as some minor problem like font, size and line) just to make sure everything is perfect.

I feel that I am truly lucky enough to have such caring and thoughtful colleagues, as well as my manager (she's like a loving mother). They make me feel welcomed. They also make sure that I am not afraid to ask any questions and always help me when I am in need. They really taught me well, instead of throwing manuals and let me mould on my own. HAHA.

One of the best parts of working is definitely when it is payday.
Who doesn't love payday when there is money credited to your account? xD

Despite I have to work overtime, I feel that working is not a really bad idea. Moreover, it's not like I need to stay until very late (9pm/ 10pm), mostly just around 7pm.

Hmm.. I don't know how to end this post d.
I think I should stop here because I am running out of idea. HAHA.

Oh well, good luck to everyone who's currently studying/ searching for a job or who are already working now! All the best to all of you and I should stop my post right here.



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