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So, I attended the Ginn's workshop a few weeks ago and got some of their skincare products to try it out. I will write some reviews on products that I have received, so do stay until the end of this blog to know what I think about them.

 Ginn Skincare is actually a well-known beauty brand in Hong Kong, founded by Ginnie Lam
The name ginnComes from the founder's name, Ginnie, with the pronunciation of the Korean language "gin "[] which means "真",  while "真" means "the truth" in Chinese. It carries a metaphor that the creation of our skin care products coming from a purity of our hearts, together with a strong concept and in true spirit. It also highlights how Chinese herbs as ingredients exemplify beautiful skin of the women in Eastern countries.

During the workshop, Ginnie, the founder of Ginn Skincare was there with us to explain the products. She is such an inspiration because she works really hard to achieve what she has and where she is right now.

A little story about Ginnie Lam

When she was at the age of 19, she went to a beauty salon for treatment and used commercially available skin care products. She ended up with severe skin irritation, itching and inflammation of the skin and that is when all her bad dream started.

To restore her skin back, Ginnie attended courses on Skincare & Beauty, Nutrition, Chinese medicine and natural ingredients. Her hard work finally paid off and there is when Ginn Skincare is born!
She not only cured her own face but also improved the lives of many people with sensitive skin.

Alicia, is one of the example. She was previously suffered from serious acne prone skin. She was having a hard time fixing her skin, yet she is unable to find a doctor, who can really fix her problem. She spent thousands of money but still can't cure any of her skin problems. When she was despair that she has to spent her whole life to look that way, she met Ginnie and she thought that is her last chance to look different.

To show her appreciation and support her, Alicia, who is now her assistant, was helping her to demonstrate how to use the products, while Ginnie was explaining them.

During the workshop, I got to know more about my skin and all thanks to the explanation that Ginnie had shared with us. As you can see in the picture, Ginnie was explaining the structure of our skin and what we should do to make our skin act like a sponge, to absorb all the great ingredients of our skincare products.

Everyone was learning aggressively and asking questions throughout the workshop.
It was indeed very informative.

"There is no ugly woman, but lazy woman in the world".
After hearing their inspiring stories and how important it is to take good care of our skin, I am more confirmed that the sentence is true.

Do you know that Ginn Skincare is able to detoxify your skin? 

Ginn Skincare has the slimming effect in curing bloating and water retention to make your face look slimmer and smaller! It can also help to tone your face and improved blood circulation, thus having a more V-shaped face.

 I believe that a lot of girls have no confidence when they are taking selfie, especially those who always edit their face using beauty camera app. Of course, it is not wrongful when someone wants to look good and slim in the picture. With the massage skills and technique that Alicia has demonstrated to us using Ginn Skincare, small face is never a dream and here is the result.

The left side of the model's face definitely looks more lifted and smaller, compared to the right side of the face in the picture! I am seriously impressed with the result :O 

The difference is so huge! The pores are smaller and the model's skin look so smooth. And I think half of her is whiter and cleaner, while the other half looks dull. No wonder Ginnie's face is so small and flawless!

|| About Ginn Skincare Products ||

As I have mentioned, Ginn Skincare is all about natural ingredients. 
They are all super gentle and suitable for all skin types. They are also claimed to be:

✔Soft and Light-weighted
✔Provide Protection and Nutrient
✔Moist and Nourishment
✔Suitable for pregnancy

✖ Metallic element
✖ Artificial flavours
✖ Block the skin pores
✖ Skin irritation
✖ Sensation to light

I got some of the products in travel size and I am going to share what I think about them. 
I got the Herbal Magic Gel Mask, Polypeptide Eye Serum, Peptide Face Cream and the Sunscreen Lotion. 

First, let me talk about the Herbal Magic Gel Mask. It is my favourite product among all because it has the anti-inflammatory and calming effect. 

It includes the proprietary formula of all Chinese herbal anti-stressed elements and deep whitening water. It is a treatment to purify sebum, folliculitis and can even prevent the allergic itch and repair your skin.

The texture is in gel-like. It has the Chinese medicine kind of scent, which I don't really hate because I love Chinese medicine. HAHA. 

Application: After cleansing your face, apply a layer of the mask for 15 minutes before washing it off. You can also apply a thin layer of the mask without washing it off to let the skin absorb the nutrients and stay moisturized

 It can be used daily or at least twice a week of magic gel mask to keep skin white, hydrated and anti-allergic, promote facial blood circulation, activation of ageing epidermal cells to prevent wrinkles.

My thoughts

 It is recommended to use after a long hour of exposed under the sun, as it helps to calm and give the cooling sensation to the skin. It is pretty light weighted, as it dries up pretty fast when you applied a thin layer. 

I have an itchy hand and I always can't stop myself to squeeze my pimples or scratch it. So it really helped me to calm down my inflammation with the cooling sensation. I always apply it after I "finished my work" with a thick layer for a few minutes, like a mask and wash it off before I head to my daily routine. Huge love in this product! 💗

This is the eye serum and it can fight all signs of skin tiredness, including smoothen the wrinkles, reduce dark circles, lift the eyelids and reduce other ageing symptoms. Thus, it can make the entire eye area appears to be more youthful and firm. 

There is no scent to it, as I have mentioned, all the Ginn Skincare products have no artificial flavours. For the texture, it is pretty light weighted and watery. 

Application: After cleansing your face, take an appropriate amount of the Eye Serum by using the tip of your ring finger, apply that all around your eyes softly and massage gently until it's fully absorbed.

My thoughts

I feel that the eye serum is a decent product, as it does not make my skin greasy and it absorbs really well into my skin. But as for the effectiveness, I can't really see the difference after using it for a few times.I don't have any wrinkles and I can't really see that it reduce my dark cicles. My eye bags are still serious as hell, and yea, it is gonna be there permanently. LOL

To seal up everything and all the goodness that you have used, a face cream is essential. The Peptide face cream is extracted from precious botanical and it has the anti-wrinkle peptide essence that can prevent ageing problems, such as skin dryness, sagging skin, poor skin elasticity, and enlarged pores. It can help to achieve skin's smoothness, softness and firmness.

It is white in colour, with a creamy texture. The texture is rather thick and probably the thickest among the other 3 products. However, it spreads easily on my face and yes, it is fragrance-free!

Application: Take appropriate amount of the Face Cream, apply that all over your face and neck evenly and massage gently until it's fully absorbed.

My thoughts

My face is glowing after using it! But the con side is that it is a bit sticky, which I think it is more suitable for those who have dry to combination skin (It claims that it is suitable for all skin type, but those who has oily skin might not like it). It surely nourishes my skin well and I feel that it is a great moisturiser for night use when your skin needs extra hydration after a long and tiring day.

The last product that I am going to introduce is this sunscreen lotion, which is in SPF50. Besides blocking the UV rays, it is also able to regulate skin tone, block pollution, nourish and moisturize your skin. With the addition of truffles, it balances the skin condition for one full day.

Even though the sunscreen is in nude colour, it doesn't really appear when you spread them out. 
The texture is kinda weird but amazing at the same time!

Want to know why I said that? Continue reading then. :)

Application: After basic skin care steps, take an appropriate amount of the Sunscreen Lotion, apply that all over your face and neck evenly.

My thoughts

When I just tried it, I was quite amazed by this product because it feels like skincare, like a moisturizer. But after a few massage/ blending the sunscreen into my skin, it leaves my skin a really soft and non-sticky feeling. It really makes my skin feel smooth and flawless. I am actually quite surprised that it is so lightweight, more like a velvety kind of texture. Con side would be not long lasting enough. It literally has gone after I sweat, as I can see the nude colour of the sunscreen is out when I wide it with a piece of tissue. LOL

For more information,

Facebook: Ginn Skin

Thanks for reading!


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