The Best Unicorn Party: The Butterfly Project 5th Birthday Party

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April is my most favourite month among the rest of the months.
It is not only my birthday month but also the month where The Butterfly Project was born!
You guys might not be unfamiliar with it because I have mentioned it quite a few times. If you don't know yet, The Butterfly Project (TBP) is actually one of the top beauty blogger community in Malaysia. I have grown so much and received a lot of opportunities, all thanks to TBP. πŸ’—

To be honest, I have never attended a themed birthday party (except colour themed).
Thank you, Tammy, the organizer, mother of TBP for putting so much effort into organising the whole party! πŸ’—

Upon entering the party area, my eyes were locked on the table with full of dessert! 😍
The whole concept is so cute and adorable. Everyone kept aiming for the unicorn cake. HAHA.

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

Here is a picture of me, standing in front of the dessert table. I feel like I am blending into the banner. LOL.
Thank you, Eros, for helping us to take so many amazing photos that day! 

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

What do you guys think about my makeup?

I was never good in eyeshadow. When I was trying out the unicorn makeup a few days before the party, my sister gave me a weird look and asked me why I was putting so many colours and glitters all over my face, which made me look exaggerating. I told her that it is for the party and everyone is going to dress up that way! 

While I was worrying that I will be the odd one, putting too much, I was totally wrong!
 There are people always not matching to themed party and dress like their usual self. I was so happy to see everyone dressed up so accordingly to match the themed party.

How can we be the unicorn without the unicorn headband? πŸ˜πŸ¦„

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

Everyone was waiting patiently for the party to start~
Even I can't sit still and keep on smiling out of the excitement!

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

And the party starts NOW!!!

The party started with Tammy and Leonard popping the balloon which is prepared by Brrrloon!
Look at the amazing shot! It is so magical. πŸ’–

Want to know how this wonderful unicorn party works? 

If you are planning to hold a unicorn party for your kids, or even yourself. Yes! You are on the right page now. Because I am going to share with you how to plan and what you must not miss for a Magical Unicorn Party πŸ’— Aren't you excited to know?

|| 1. Unicorn cake ||

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

A unicorn party won't be complete without unicorn cake / dessert table so it is like a MUST in a party! I am quite sad when we are not able to eat the unicorn cake but the cupcake is so good! Ok la, I am not that sad after all. HAHA.

|| 2. Unicorn/ Pastel Decoration ||

It is important to decorate the party with stunning balloons and decoration which can bring out the theme just by looking at the surrounding.

Do you know that people have more fun when the party room is decorated well? 
It is able to bring out the vibe and make people more enjoy, especially a themed party. 
How can a place is not decorated when it is a themed party? I feel that it is kind of boring when a themed party is not well decorated. LOL

During TBP party, the whole place is decorated magically with pastel balloons and decorative pieces / props. 😍 Also, not to forget about the set up on the unicorn dessert table!
 They are all too pretty, I cannot!  

|| 3. Unicorn Loyalty Card ||

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

This is optional but I believe that a party with this kind of activities card will definitely make everything EXTRA fun! Upon registering myself at the entrance of the party, I was given this Unicorn Loyalty Card which allowed me to redeem some party gifts and access activities (which I am going to show you guys in my next point).

|| 4. Fun Activities ||

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

The first activity that I have visited was the florist booth, which is prepared by Everyday Flowers.
We are given the chance to customise a bouquet of flower with 2 stalks of flowers of our own choices.
There were a large variety of flowers to choose from and I was actually having a hard time deciding which to get cause I want Every Flowers πŸ˜†.Then, the Everyday Flowers team would help us to wrap them nicely, as shown in the photo above.

Don't you think that the bouquet of flowers is super cute and lovely?

Besides that, we also got the "Coloring booth", which was prepared by Brrrloon. This had definitely brought me back to the good old days because I love colouring when I was young. 

The Brrrloon team had prepared some colouring marker pens for us to unleash our creativity on the inflatable balloon. Yup, you heard me right! It is actually a balloon that can inflate perfectly in 60 seconds! When I first heard it, I was mind blown because all you need to do is by hitting and shaking the balloon to inflate it πŸ˜†. Sounded like a vigorous and intense activity huh? 

But it was super easy and fun! 
Make sure you read until the end to see my masterpiece. LOL.

Have you adopted a magical unicorn before? 

Well, I did! 😍 All thanks to 50Gram Florist. I am not able to adopt puppy/ cat, but at least I am able to adopt a unicorn πŸ˜†. 

Basically, all we need to do to adopt a unicorn is to fill up the "adoption form" and then collect!
Want to know how my unicorn looks like? Scroll all the way down to have a look then. :)
I even got a certificate to prove my adoption. This is super creative πŸ’—.
BTW, guess what I named my baby πŸ¦„.

|| 5. Photobooth ||

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

Taking photo is one of the best ways to remember the moments. Thank you GNG Studiobooth for bringing the "whole" studio to the party and allow us to take endless of pictures and boomerang (click on the video to watch it!) on that day! 😘 The team even prepared some props for us to play with it and all of us went crazy, lining up to take our best shot πŸ˜†.

I know that you can take a picture using your phone/ camera because it is more convenient and it is easier to keep as soft copy. But I love printing my photos into hard copy and keep it in photo album because I feel that it makes everything more memorable.  

|| 6. The Best Dressed ||

Photo credit: Eros (Fishmeatdie)

One of the most exciting parts of the party!
We were required to vote and stuck a sticker to our favourite best-dressed unicorn and here are the top 4 finalists! The top 3 lucky winners walked away with the Trollbeads jewellery and this is damn amazing la! BTW, congratulations to all the winners πŸ’—

|| 7. Unicorns ||

A list of people who you want to invite!

A party won't be fun without people there? It is the only time when you can invite beautiful unicorns to the magical unicorn land! I went around and took pictures with some of the unicorns and look how adorable everyone looked! I had so much fun catching up with them too πŸ’—.

Let's bring the right crowd of people and turn your own party to the MAX fun! 

Spot me! Spot me! LOL.

|| 8. Door gift ||

Last but not least, how can you forget about the door gift?
If you're on a budget, a small goodie bag with handmade things are more than enough. 

Look at the table with the unicorn goodie bags πŸ’—
Thank you so much for all the awesome and kind sponsors! 
Now, let me show you guys what I have brought home that day 😊. I seriously can't wait to try them out!

Yup, these are everything that I have received on that day.
I tried so hard to fit everything into one picture tho πŸ˜†. They are the Belif Best Sellers On-The-Go Kit, NYX Lip of The Day Cherished, NYX Vivid Brights Vivid Blossom, Unicorn brush from Mamasan, Dear Beaute Himawari Hair Care Samples, Wanderlust Things Unicorn Pendant Chain, Unicorn mug from 50Gram Florist, photos from GNG Studiobooth, and auto inflate colouring balloon from Brrrloon. 

Belif is actually that I have been wanting to try, especially The True Cream - Aqua Bomb. 
I was so happy when I got this on-the-go kit because it is so convenient when it comes to travel and I got to try every of their best seller in one bag. There are 5 products in the bag and they are:

This cleansing foam contains natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients, suitable for normal to combination and dry skin types. The gentle foaming action allows softly wash away impurities from your skin. Soapwort rich in vitamin C and Wormwood in the cleanser foam remove toxins and clean skin without over-drying.

This toner is suitable for normal to combination skin type. Its watery gel system, enriched with Bergamot extracts, lock-in moisture and is readily absorbed into the skin leaving you with nourished and hydrated skin.

This is an essence which Jasmine water is added to Hungarian water to strengthen the tight moisture barrier. This product helps in replenishing moisture loss and yet provides deeper moisture penetration. Jasmine water has a strong moisturizing effect in the dry skin. it is also effective in the hypersensitive or sensitive skin. Hence, it also strengthens the defensive power of the skin.

This aqua balm with Napiers aqua formula containing Lady's Mantle, often called "a woman's hydrating herb," is an invigorating gel type cream that supplies instant moisture to the skin while forming a protective layer that wraps the skin in comfort.

This intensive eye cream provides long-lasting moisture and firmness to the skin as it is applied around the delicate eye area. It is formulated with natural oil rich in skin-friendly ingredients, Cupuacu Seed Butter, Macadamia Nut oil and Meadowfoam Seed oil, along with Napiers herb formula, to keep the eye area soft and smooth.

For more information,
Facebook: Belif Malaysia

I always love how NYX cosmetics are good in quality yet affordable. In the goodie bag, I got the Lip Of The Day Liquid Lip Liner in Cherished. I have never tried a lip liner and thanks to NYX Malaysia, I finally got to try it out πŸ˜†. It definitely able to bring the party to your pout and fret not, it comes with 10 gorgeously vivid shade! These versatile lip liners are absolute must-haves for anyone to take their lip artistry skills to the next level. πŸ‘„

The next item that I got from NYX Malaysia, is the Vivid Brights Eyeliners in Blossom. It is used to line your lids with vibrant colour and it is available in nine incredible shades! These pro-level liners can deliver instant and intense colour payoff for a stunning look. πŸ‘

Definitely, love both of them. Super pigmented and super easy to use. πŸ’—

For more information,
Physical Store: Sunway Pyramid and IOI City Mall

Got this lovely unicorn brush from Tammy, mamasan of The Butterfly Project! 
I have already owned some unicorn brushes and I am so happy to add one more to my original collection. LOL.
It is perfect when I was trying to put eyeshadow and it did a great job in getting the product and transfer it to my eyelid. 😊

Have you heard of Dear Beaute before? Well, this is actually my first time knowing this brand.
They just came out with the new line of hair care product, which is the Himawari (sunflower) Hair Care, which is can help to brighten and volumise damaged hair.

I got some samples to try it out, which are Volume and Repair Oil in Shampoo, Volume & Repair Oil in Conditioner, Rich & Repair Oil in Shampoo, and the Rich & Repair Oil in Conditioner. 

*They are all available at selected stored eg. Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.

Wanderlust Things is a trend label that brings the world to your home. 
You can find cute stationery, home decor, accessories and even quarterly subscription box!
You can find a lot of unique and adorable stuff there, which is perfect for you and your friends. πŸ’—

In the goodie bag, I also got this cute little rose gold pendant unicorn necklace, which is really pretty and minimal. Nothing too fancy, but girly enough for me 😊.

For more information,

Hey hey, have you guessed it right?
I mentioned that I adopted a unicorn right and this is how it looks like! πŸ˜„
This is a really adorable unicorn mug (probably the cutest mug I have owned in my entire life. 😍) and I named it Bunny! HAHAHA cause I can't think of other names. Everything that I have owned is called Bunny, so there is like Bunny #1, Bunny #2 and so one. πŸ˜‚

If you didn't know what exactly 50Gram Florist does yet, it is actually the first online florist shop that offers complementary video messages on behalf of you! Isn't that sound cool?
Besides that, they also have the mug, plush toy, juice, cake, perfumes and of course flowers on their website!

For more information,
Facebook: 50Gram Malaysia

Dolly Wink is a well known Japanese Makeup Brand, especially famous in their falsies and eyeliner. Recently, they have just launched the latest Koji Dolly Wink Eyelashes. The one that I got is in No. 29 (Pure Dolly), which I think is pretty natural. The falsies feel quite smooth and light and it comes with a glue, where you don't have to get a falsies glue la. 

 I have heard a lot of good review about it and I really can't wait to try it out. 😊

*It is available at selected stored eg. Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.

As you have already known, we have unlimited prints of photos at our mini photobooth, prepared by GNG Sudiobooth (also known as Glitz&Glam Studiobooth). I am really impressed by the printing quality (they are waterproof and has anti-fingerprint features), as well as the quick printing. It literally took less than a minute to print out the picture. 

Besides having fun to play boomerang with friends, we also get to bring the photos and soft copy of the video/photos home! Yeap, you hear me right. You must have seen some really cool boomerangs somewhere in this post and YES, they are all taking using the new feature installed by GNG Studiobooth! πŸ’—

Furthermore, they are the experts in creating amazing & beautiful wedding backdrops and table decorations. With a focus on ensuring your wedding reflects your individual couple style; the team will tailor a decor concept to suit your requirements that are also characteristic of your wedding day vision. Your imagination + GNG team expertise ensure any event will be memorable and seamless.

For more information,

Facebook: GNG Studiobooth

Remember that one of the activities in the party was colouring the balloon? 
Yup, here you go. What do you think about my colouring skill? πŸ˜†

If you didn't know yet, all the balloons that you saw in the pictures that I have taken, are all provided by Brrrloon! Aren't they awesome? πŸ™† Besides that, they are doing a great job for the balloons. They are also party supply & rental store! They have services like personalizing bubble balloon, helium balloons, auto-inflate colouring balloon, balloon-powered toys, balloon sculpture, balloon sculpture and MORE.

If you are looking for party deco, you should definitely check them out! *P.s. Don't forget my point 2*
Thank you Brrrloon for taking care of the party's decoration and letting us have so many instagrammable pictures and having fun inflating our balloons. πŸ’—

For more information,
Available at Desa Park City
Website: (coming soon)
Facebook: Brrrloon

Not everyone can resist the power of flower, especially girls. We all love flowers because they are beautiful. Everyday flowers is an online based flower shop, that provide lovely flower bouquets. 
I got to choose 2 stalks of flowers, which are the purple and the red one. The team has wrapped it with some baby breath and other flowers into a bouquet, which looks absolutely stunning!

For more information,

So, that's all the tips that I can share with you guys on how to hold a Unicorn Party. 😊
I had a lot of fun and it was indeed the best-themed party that I have attended so far.
I was so happy that I got to join this event as part of The Butterfly Project member because only the selected 50 are invited, due to budget and event space.

A huge thanks to Mamasan, Tammy for putting so much effort and giving all the opportunities!
Without her/ the community, I might not grow that fast πŸ’—

Again, Happy 5th Birthday to The Butterfly Project! 

Hope you guys enjoy reading it and I will see you guys in my next post. 😘


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  1. I totally agree that it is the best unicorn themed birthday bash. I felt so happy after seeing these brilliant dΓ©cor photos. Each and every detail from this party is brilliant. From the gorgeous cake to the pastel dΓ©cor. At one of the home studios NYC I too would throw the birthday bash for my girl and now I think that copying this entire party would just be a fun idea.