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Who still do not know that Althea has come out with their own babies? 
I feel so amazed when Althea announced their very first own product range, the Petal Velvet Powder.
I immediately got one for myself to show my support! Without disappointment, it was so good and affordable! So, when Althea announced that they are going to launch their own skincare line - Althea Bare Essentials, I was overwhelmed with excitement 😍

Before I start gossiping about Althea's Bare Essentials, let me ask you a question.
Do you know why Althea named their newly launched skincare range as the Bare Essentials?

Althea's aim is to create a range of skincare, which can make everyone of us to feel good. Just like the name of this skincare line, they are essentials to achieve a better skin so that we can go out with our bare face confidently.

These are the babies, which can do wonder for your skin. It promises to give you the benefits of a 10-step Korean Skincare routine in just 3 quick and easy steps! This is like an extremely attractive deal for a lazy person like ME! πŸ˜†In this box, I received the Althea's Contour Cleanser, Althea's Primer Water, Althea's Fixer Cream, Althea's limited edition mirror, Althea's marble plate and some samples πŸ’—

Love the packaging, which is really simple, clean, basic and nothing too fancy.
The older I get, the more I look for simplicity. And that is why I love how Althea makes all the essentials of the skincare products into just 3 steps, allowing me to save more time. πŸ˜„

 *All of these skincare products consist of hypoallergenic products and they are all suitable for any types of skin.

This Cleanser is packed with soothing Ice Plant which can help to remove impurities and detoxify your skin. It also contains microcapsules pop, which can exfoliate your skin gently and promote blood circulation. Furthermore, it also has the lemon verbena leaf, which can also help to reduce bloating and swelling and create a more defined, slim face shape! Don't you think it is amazing? 😍

No wonder it is called the contour cleanser la! 

The texture of this cleanser is pretty creamy and rich, as you can see in the below picture. I feel that it cleans really well by removing all the impurities on my face and a little really goes a long way!

It is recommended to mix with some water to have a more gentle and bubbly texture. 
It feels really nice when the cleanser foams up after lathering it.

My thoughts

I feel that this Contour Cleanser did really well in cleansing my skin. The microcapsules pop is very small and it melts when in contact with the water. It indeed exfoliates my dead skin in a gentle way, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and soft. Also, my skin hasn't broken out a bit from using it twice a day (morning and night). If you are looking for a cheap and good cleanser, give this a try 😊

When I first saw this, I was scratching my head and thinking hard what is this. Does it prime the face like a makeup primer or it's just the name? But it can't be a makeup when it is a skin care right?

So, to answer all of your questions, it is actually a toner and a primer in one!
It is made with patented dew drop technology, which can smoothes and evens out the skin, like what the primer does. It saves the step where you have to apply another layer of primer and prepare you to have a great skin from great makeup. It can also soften our skin and give us a lump and healthy look.

The texture of this toner is really smooth and rather thick, as compared to the normal toner. However, it absorbs really quick into the skin and gives a smooth finish. I also love the scent of the Snow Lotus, which is not very heavy. πŸ’—

My thoughts

I feel that the Primer Toner hydrates my skin really well by seeping into the pores of my skin. It makes my face dewy and bouncy, but not sticky at all! My skin is more glowy, as you can see in the above picture. TBH, after using it for more than a week, I don't really think that my pore has become smaller or what, but look at the picture closely! My pores are definitely smaller and tightened after I applied it! In case you are wondering whether it gives any breakout, NO WAY!

I even try using it at night and look! No breakout! Which mean it is safe to use even at night. πŸ˜‰
This is so far my favourite among the Althea's Bare Essential range.

The Fixer Cream is packed with powerful moisturizing ingredients, such as trehalose, which prevents moisture loss and provides your skin hydration for up to 24 hours. It is also rich in antioxidants, which can help to promote collagen regeneration, keeping your skin feeling fresh and looking vitalized all day.

It comes with an inner lid, which can prevent the product from oxidizing. 

The cream is in white colour and lightweight. It is very soft and easy to blend when I spread it all over my face. The scent is not very strong, which is why I am loving it.

However, when I first used it, it does a bit sticky and makes me look shiny. It took me some time to pat them into my skin. When I used it again, with little amount, it makes my skin looks healthy and not that greasy after all. 

My thoughts

The Fixer Creamer is suitable for all type of skin, but I feel that it is more suitable for those who have dry skin. Not a huge fan of this moisturizing cream because of the stickiness and it needs time for everything to settle in. But I do like the way it gives my skin 24hours of hydration. 

I feel that it is not very easy for my skin to absorb, so I always apply a thin layer on my face and thus a little goes a long way. For better absorption, it is recommended to massage and pat your face for a few times before applying your makeup or anything. 

Afterall, the Bare Essentials present only necessary skincare routines for healthy looking, glowy skin.
They are all dermatologist tested and I have not experienced any breakout after using it for almost 2 weeks. With nourishing ingredients and easy execution, this 3 products regime breaks down and do simplify the K-beauty 10 steps routine for the urban woman.

Now, don't say that skincare is very troublesome because you can have beautiful skin with minimum effort with Althea's Bare Essentials. πŸ˜‰

BTW, they are currently having a promotion, where you can get 10% OFF + a complimentary Althea's beauty mirror (while stock last), if you buy the full set. 😘
Click the link HERE for more information! 

Hope you guys find this post helpful and I will see you guys in my next post. 
Thanks for reading!


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