[Review] Swanicoco Extra Hydrating Swan Cream

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Hello bunnies!
How is March so far? Without me knowing, April (my fav month) is coming.
 Today, I am going to talk about this Swanicoco Extra Hydrating Swan Cream that I have been using EVERY night! 😊

This Swanicoco Extra Hydrating Swan Cream is a rich nourishing and hydrating cream that formulated with the fermented moisturizing element, which can easily penetrate deep into the skin. It can improve the skin's natural availability and elasticity while providing glowing skin. 

First, let's talk about the packaging!
I personally love it a lot because of the simple and minimal design. It is a black plastic container, which means it would be handy when it comes to travel. Like any of the moisturizer, it comes with the inner lid with a spatula for hygenic purpose. It certainly looks small, but it contains the same amount like any other moisturizer (50ml). 

As you can see in the picture, half of the product is gone 😆.
This baby works very well for those who have dry skin, as it uses natural plant ingredients that can truly comfort your skin. Furthermore, it is free of paraben, synthetic fragrance and artificial oil, which is suitable for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin to perfume or many of the artificial ingredients, do try out Swanicoco products!

Since there is no artificial perfume, there is no scent for this hydrating cream. As can be expected, the texture is pretty thick, but it is not difficult to spread. You don't have to apply a lot of the product to cover the full face, as a little goes a long way. TBH, I do need some time for it to absorb into my skin but it doesn't make my skin oily the next day I wake up, which is why I love using it in the night. 💗

Look at my skin before I apply the Swanicoco Extra Hydrating Swan Cream!
It is dull, lifeless and dry 😕

Like any other moisturiser cream, use it after cleansing and toning.
It is encouraged to pat gently to promote better absorption toward your skin. 😊

I feel that the cream doesn't just give your skin temporary hydration, but for the long run!
It has restored my skin's hydration and elasticity. Don't you think my face is glowing and looked healthier after applying the cream? 

Super recommend this for those who have dry and sensitive skin, but not those who have oily skin. 
It will definitely change your skin condition 😉. 

*Update: The hydrating cream gives bumps on my sister's forehead and it seems that the product is WAY TOO hydrating for her. Do mind that it is very important to find a suitable skin care product that suits your skin because it might be suitable for me, but not you. :)

Hope this short review is helpful! 😊
Thanks for reading!


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