NH Colla Plus 3 Press Conference with Joey Yung, 容祖儿

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Last Sunday, I was invited to the NH Colla Plus 3 Press Conference and guess what!?
Joey Yung was there to have a meet and great session with us at Pavillion KL!
Where you there to meet her last week as well? 😄

I have seen her acting in various TV shows since young and I can't believe that she has not even aged before! I even think that she has reversed the aging process! How can someone look exactly the same just like when I first knew her?

BTW, I love her recent (not so recent) new song, which is 第一百個我. You guys should go and listen to it if you didn't know this song 😆.

I was late to the event and I was so shocked at the amount of people there.
Securities were every where and I had a hard time squeezing in to the media sitting area, which is the front row.

Joey has been selected as the ambassador of NH Colla Plus 3 and she has been drinking it everyday to maintain her youth! She even shared some of her beauty secret tips, which makes her look young and beautiful as always!

If you didn't know yet, the NH Colla Plus 3 beauty drink is a step ahead of regular collagen drink i the market as it leverages on the power of yeast ceramide and ove extract to give you amazing skin changes with minimal time and effort. Furthermore, it is suitable for both men and women with all skin type.

NH Colla Plus is available at Watsons online store and all outlets nationwide.

For more information, 

Website: nhccollaplus
Facebook: CollaPlus

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