Yello Brick Road @ Damansara Heights

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Yellow Brick Road is one of the well-known cafes in KL and I have wanting to visit the place since last year. Finally, I got the chance to try out their food with my cousins and here are what I think about the cafe. 😊

The ambience of the cafe is pretty pleasant, with components of wooden furniture to add some vintage element. I visited the place early this year and that's why the Christmas decorations are still up.

Waiting for a table is something you should expect over here, especially over the weekends. The place is so crowded and you might need to share the table if you don't mind it.

Here are the choices of coffees and cakes. 
 Sadly, I could not stay to try more on the menu, because we were so full after having our brunch.

There is this kid's area for those who have children.
This might be the perfect place for you and your friends to relax and enjoy your meal. :)

Now, let's talk about food! 

The Sawadi-Crab Burger   RM29

It is charcoal buns with soft shell crab, thai mayo, mango salsa, and sweet potato fries on the side.

The soft shell crab is fried into crispy golden brown, and I believe that it can never go wrong with soft shell crab burger.  Love the sweet potato fries, as it goes so well with the burger. 💗

Rate: 4.5/5

Egg Norwegian V2.0   RM27

Two poached eggs on cornflake crusted french toast with sauteed mushrooms, fried onion rings, and house-cured dill-infused salmon with hollandaise sauce.

Poached eggs were nicely cooked and the whole combination is such a winner.
Love this dish the most. 😍

Rate: 5/5

Balik Kampung   RM24

It is a combination of percik chicken served with turmeric rice and a zesty mango kerabu salad topped with a poached egg. 

It is more like a Malaysian style of the dish (obviously, like the name). The chicken is nicely marinated, with some curry spices. I personally love the mango salad because it is soury, giving me a fresh taste after the meal.

Rate: 2.5/5

The Big Breakfast Bash   RM30

It is combinations of eggs, with the choices of beef bacon/ turkey ham, chicken/ beef sausages, served with mixed beans, hash brown, sweet potato, vine tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast rye bread. 

For me, I feel that it is not worth the money even though they have different ingredients in a pot. Food is decent but the portion is definitely not the case. It is more like a "medium" breakfast? (OK, I am lame). Aside from the portion, especially love the beef bacon. 😙

Rate: 2.5/5

Chocoholic Anonymous   RM25

Chocolate pancakes served with chocolate shavings, fresh berries, Guinness/ Nutella sauce, and a scoop of Fatbaby chocolate ice cream. 

We ended our meal on a sweet note. This is probably my favourite dish, aside from the Egg Norwegian 😍 The pancake is soft and the sauce is just nice, which won't make every too sweet (or jelat)

Rate: 5/5

Overall, I feel that the place is pretty good for hangout because of the environment and ambience. In fact, it is a very warm and cozy place to relax and enjoy your meal. The service was great and I was quite surprised by the number of non-locals having their brunch over here. 😆

Yellow Brick Road

Monday - Friday   9-4pm, 6-10pm
Facebook: Yellow Brick Road Cafe

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