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Hello, bunnies!
I was going through my photos and I realised that I forgot to blog about this really cute themed cafe, which has tons of instaworthy spots to take pictures at 😄. As a person who loves cafe hopping and brunch, I am definitely not doing a good job, especially when this cafe is just 10minues away from my house! LOL

So, how did I know this cafe?
Surprisingly, my mom was the one, who brought the fam here. She even came here for a few times with her friends! Really bojio sia. ðŸ˜ Btw, this cafe is hidden in the midst of some shop lots at Corporate Park, Kelana Jaya. 

Entering the cafe, you will be greeted by this 2 cute teddies at the doorstep.
This teddy themed cafe is sure to attract kids, young and old (my mom😆).

Some little details in the cafe.
Love this little corner, made of cardboard and flowers. Don't you think this is lovely? 😊

They're too adorable that I wanted to bring them home! 
I have never owned a human-sized teddy/ doll, so yea, they are superb cute. 😄
Even after so many months, I still cannot forget the ambience and these adorable teddies.

The Environment

Look at the walls! 😍
It is so dreamy like I am walking in a teddy castle in the fairy tale. 💗

The cafe is definitely kid friendly. In fact, it is perfect to bring the kid here because they won't be running everywhere! The teddies would be a good distraction for them to play with the soft toy (not ipad. LOL) and have better appetite! 

You won't even feel lonely because there will be teddy sitting beside you!
You know, you can always talk to him if you're bored 😆 No one is going to judge you. Hahaha.
So, no worry if you're dining alone 😉

About the FOOD 

Looking at the menu, I found that they have a variety choice of food for you to choose, from pasta, rice, toast, burger and even desserts! To be honest, we really have a hard time deciding what to order. 
Below are some of the dishes that we have ordered. 😊

Teriyaki Salmon Toast (Rm17.90)

Look at how they make this dish so appetising! Even a kid, who is picky, would not reject eating it! LOL
This toast is pretty unique, as it combines both Western and Asian flavours. It is unique in a sense that it is actually a French Toast sandwich with salmon filling (with Teriyaki sauce), cheese to make the decorations, and coffee beans for the eyes and nose. In fact, it is not the typical sandwich/ French Toast that we can get any else where.

Lamb Chp with cheesy nachos (Rm19.90)

The lamb chop is pretty good and tasty, with ample portion of that price. The meat is not too rough or dry either and I kinda love it.

We have chosen the black pepper sauce, instead of the teriyaki sauce because the toast is already marinated in Teriyaki sauce. Thus, we wanted to try something different. Also, you can get to choose between rice, mashed potato or nacho as your side. As for this, I got some nachos because I was craving one. :) 

Crunchy Chicken Burger (Rm16.90)

This is one of their famous order, the crunchy chicken burger. We initially wanted the Tower crunchy burger, which is like a double size of this burger, but we scared that we might not be able to finish all. This is really yummy as they have fried the chicken into really crunchy, with melted cheese underneath of the chicken.
Highly recommend this though 💗.

Egg Salmon Croissant (Rm8.90)

As you can see in the picture, the croissant is filled with cheese, tomatoes, cucumber slices, scrambled egg, smoked salmon and lettuces. You can as well get the croissant without salmon cause it is vegetarian-friendly. The croissant is crispy and it perfectly matches with some of the salty taste from scrambled egg and smoked salmon.

Love this dish a lot as well 💗.

Smoked Salmon Aglio Olio (Rm16.90)

Dad lovessss Aglio Olio so much, so we decided to try it. The pasta is decent but there is nothing special about it. The spaghetti is not too dry or too wet, with just ample amount of ingredients.

Picture with teddy that has been accompanying us throughout the whole meal 💗
This gigantic life-sized teddy bear is one of the attention grabbers of a lot of the customers. Everyone seems to love to hug it and take a picture with it.

Besides the main dish, the cafe is actually pretty famous for their cakes and 3D Art coffee. They even offer speciality designed the customised cake for their customers, whether it's a birthday party or any special events. Sadly, we were there for dinner, so we did not order any coffee that time. Okay, I found another reason to go back the cafe. 😆

Overall, I feel that Flavorest Cafe is a decent place to hang out with your friends and families. Bear lover will definitely love this place and the food is reasonably priced too (most are below Rm20)!

Flavourest Cafe

Facebook: Flavourest Cafe

Business Hour
Tues-Fri:10:00AM to 21:00PM
Sat-Sun: 11:00AM to 22:00PM

They do do private events, so make sure you check their Facebook before you visit the place :)

Thanks for reading!


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