TOKUYA Grand Launch @ Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara

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Hello bunnies! 
Today, I am going to talk about TOKUYA which is newly opened at Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara.
I got invited to their grand launch last week and I had so much fun shopping!
Most of their products are imported from Japan with reasonable price!

Want to know more about TOKUYA? 
Continue reading then. :)

At TOKUYA, you can find varieties of products that are made in Japan. You can find their products are unique, as well as high quality. Their aim is to create experiences that allow clients to continuously discover new products during every of their visit. As a result, you can get various of trendy stuff, which they have constantly keep up with the lifestyle trend in Japan. 

Let's go shopping with me! 😊

TOKUYA is basically like a 100 Yen Shop, that sells over 20,000 different products ranging from household products, stationery, interior, kitchenware, cosmetics, gardening, hardware, cleaning, toys, healthcare, pet products and MORE.

They have a really close relationship with their Japan partners, which make their wide-ranging products to be quality guaranteed, yet low price. Unlike other Japanese concept stores, all of their products are manufactured in Japan, which offer the guarantee for the money's worth. 

Love how they decorate the store, looking simple and minimalistic, at the same time varieties choices of products can be found from here. 

Besides selling 100yen products, here are some of their premium products, which can be a little expensive. These premium Japanese items are mostly ranged more than Rm50-Rm100. But trust me, they are all quality guaranteed and the woods are really solid.


The concept in TOKUYA is to be 'purposeful unique' , where you can find products that can inspire people to make bold decisions. 

Besides bringing trending and modern products back from Japan, TOKUYA has even brought back some of the traditional and unique items all the way from Japan. 

Here are some of the beautiful and cute pieces for those who need some color for their home.

As I have mentioned earlier, TOKUYA is like a 100yen store, where the other section of the store sells more affordable products. Most of the items are ranged from Rm5.80 to Rm7.50.

I was actually choosing some box organizer to place all my makeup stuffs and look at this huge range of box organizers! It is insane and not hard for one to find their desired one.

I was a bit surprised that I am able to get more than 10items (14items to be exact) in less than RM100! Like can you believe me? 

It includes the polyester sponge, wipes, 2 organizers, makeup cleansing pad, makeup sponge, face towel, scissors, socks, botttle, smartphone waterproof case, sealing clip and MORE!

Here is the proof of the things that I got. Everything here cost me less than RM100. 😊

Feel triggered to shop TOKUYA yourself? 
It is actually located in Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara, where you can park your car in Hyatt House. 
Walk in from the entrance where the Starbuck is. Continue until the end and take the escalator down, TOKUYA will be on your right. 😉 And you're welcome.

For more info, check out TOKUYA Facebook HERE

Thanks for reading.


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