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Hello, bunnies! Today, I am going to share this AMAZING ID.AZ Mask. I am lucky enough to be able to try all 3 types of their mask, which are the Gold, Blue and White Masks. Can you guys guess the main purpose of the mask by their colors? Well, I personally love their packaging so much because it is minimalist and straightforward, focusing on different consumers’ needs.

‘ID Health Care Group’ is a company which studies the facial shape. ID Health Care Group have seen a large number of people who are dissatisfied with their facial shape and skin due to psychological burdens. And that’s how ‘ID Pla Cosmetics’ began, where they started to look for an alternative way to help them.

I love how they only use safe ingredients for skin, that will bring perfect improvement. 💗

Btw, they’re not the normal masks that you see in the market! Want to know more about these premium masks? Continue reading then 😉

The first mask that I want to introduce is this ID.AZ Demastic Golden-Fit Mask. Look at the packaging! It is so fancy and the first thing that came to my mind is “this must be really pricy”! But I was totally wrong because it is super affordable!

This gold mask is based on high level of esthetic know-how which can be conveniently used at home. I love how the gold purifies and brightens my skin, while the honey, royal jelly, and propolis turn my skin elastic and healthy. The sticky hydrogel sticks closely to skin and lift sagging skin powerfully, which I will definitely introduce to my mom. :D

BTW, if you didn’t know, it is actually the most popular treatment of ID dermatology! The luxurious mask is even as effective as some of the popular dermatology treatment.

My thoughts

I fell so hard in love with the mask, despite that it is in 2 pieces (upper and lower parts), which can be a little bit hard to use cause I personally prefer a 1 piece mask. However, it has a huge advantage as it is better to fit, especially for those who have a bigger face (eg, guys).
I love the "jelly" texture of the mask but it can be a little heavier than the normal cotton sheet mask. I have a bad experience on gel mask because they’re either too heavy (will slide down) or not moisturizing enough. But this, it's perfect! It sticks well on my face and it is really moisturizing. 

I am really surprised after using this because I can see a huge improvement in my skin. All the moistures are locked in my skin and I can feel that it is a lot bouncier than before. I really recommended this for those who need nutrition for dry/rough skin for deep nourish. I even realized that it is easier for me to apply makeup (like no cakey here and there) 💗

YAY for softer and smoother skin 💗

Rating: 5/5

The next mask that I want to recommend is this ID.AZ DERMASTIC WATER-FIT MASK. It is actually a Marine Water Collagen that contains deep sea water, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid.

This mask is perfect for those who love thin mask because the material of the mask is very thin, which make it sticks to your skin perfectly, avoiding it to slip, even with generous essence. It can tight your skin perfectly with powerful moisturizing power and it is able to fast soothe your skin under stress, with the calming effect.

The essence is transparent and what I really like about this is that it is not sticky at all. Even though it is very hydrating, the texture is the lightest among all the other masks.

My thoughts

The scent of this mask is like Flowery Ocean, which makes me miss traveling and beach so much. I love how they are generous in the essence of the mask, where I can literally drop more than 20 drops of essence on my palm. Love how it delivers genuine and moisturizing substance to skin and I really recommend this for those who are always thirsty for moisture and who want to have moist and lustrous skin.

For those who have used all the items that were allegedly effective moisturizer but failed, try using this mask! It might work on you 😊

Rating: 4.5/5

The last mask in the ID.AZ mask series is the ID.AZ DERMASTIC BRIGHT-FIT MASK. This mask claims that it can turn a light on your skin like MAGIC! It is the perfect skincare that can Brighten your skin Not from outside, BUT from Inside.

It is a tone-up mask with pearl luster which brightens your skin tone. It can brighten your basic, original skin as if you were born with bright skin, and not making you to look white-pale. It has a powerful brightening effect, which can make your skin looks refreshed immediately after taking off the mask.

The material of the mask sheet is microfiber and it absorbs so many essences in it (essences were still dripping all the way when I took it out from the packaging). The essence is rather thick, like a lotion and I must say that they’re really generous and I love it so much! 

My thoughts

I feel that my skin is brighter and glowing after applying the mask. The before and after might not be obvious in the picture, but I can see that it really helps in improving dark skin tone (not much but it did do what it says).

It does not irritate my skin, as some of the whitening mask/ skincare products do sting. I feel that it is more suitable for those who want to brighten their skin tone white and pure, while not looking sick/pale. 😊

Rating: 4.5/5

Price ranges 

Brightening mask – RM12.90
Water mask – RM12.90
Golden mask – RM19.90

**Only Available in Watsons store**

Gentle reminder: Do not leave it overnight! 
A lot of people doesn't know that it is not good to leave the mask sheet overnight unless it's sleeping mask. Your skin can only absorb that much and the dry mask might absorb the moisture back from your skin if you leave it too long. 
Application: Tone your clean face before putting the mask. Pull it out and leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes. Lastly, massage your face and pat it to have better absorption. 

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