Jonlivia Rebranding Launch

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Few days ago, Jonlivia, one of Malaysia's premium activewear just showcased their first ever skin brightening activewear during their event. I was lucky enough to be invited to their rebranding launch to witness their big day. If you didn't know, I love their previous batch of ActivePants and I have even blogged about it! You can check it out over HERE.


The new brand logo and design was recently launched and inspired by simplicity, sleekness, and movement. The new product renaming and new look reflect the brand's cutting-edge style and passion for fitness. The tagline "MAKE LIFE WORK" was born to inspire people to be their true individual and encourage them to make their game work.


Here are some of the photos taken during the catwalk.  Look at how confident they are!
The models were posing at their best position to present the Jonlivia Activewear to the crowd.
I jelly their body shape though xD

The new skin brigtening activewear is able to brighten your skin and rejuvenate your workouts with soothing scents. YES, you hear me right, it is embedded with rose extract, where they have used hundreds of organic rose petals components in the pants to brighten your skin!

Talking about the function, it is using the Neoheat technology, which burns 4 times more calories faster with high-performance inner layer! OMG, I am so triggered to get this for myself though xD


Besides distributing heat to your tummy with slimming form fit, the fabric is built in ventilation with Coolveti Technology to circulate air freely. It has 50% UPF Protection to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Thus, it is suitable even for sensitive skin 


 In conjunction with the rebranding launch of the brightening activewear, Jonlivia has sponsored The Slimplezy Challenge to pit 20 people against one another to celebrate a healthy lifestyle among urban women, who are busy with the pressure of modern life. 20 contestants had battled and challenged themselves with high-intensity workouts to achieve their fitness goal.

The challenge was indeed a successful one, as the contestants have successfully lost weight and become more confident in 1.5months of intense training. 

To end this post, I would like to congratulate all the winners and Jonlivia for achieving their milestone! 
For more info, check them out online at HERE or from their outlet at Jonlivia Lifestyle Club SS2.

Thanks for reading! 


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