Goodbye 2017 | Hello 2018

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Goodbye 2017

2017 has been an amazing year for me. Without my acknowledgement,  I have accomplished so much in this year. I have never imagined that I can go this far. Someone told me that "One day, looking back at my life, I hope that I can pat my own shoulder and said 'good job' to myself, as I have done so many things in my life". 

What I thought next was "Why are you making your life so hard? Life is short and you should enjoy it". But what I didn't know is that he is enjoying what he is doing, despite it is hard and making him tired. 

Looking back what I have done this year, I am grateful that I am surrounded by people who I love/ who loved me who I am. Thank you, friends and family, for all the support 💗. Here I am summing up some of the huge moments of my life 💗

1. Blogger/ Youtuber

I am lucky enough to receive a lot of opportunities this year, all thanks to The Butterfly Project Community. The community taught me so much, and I feel like I am slowly becoming a beautiful butterfly from an ugly caterpillar. I got to collaborate with clients and brand, who believe in me. I also get to meet a lot of content creators, who are passionate about what they're doing and they have inspired and taught me so much. Without the community, I will still be in my little "well" doing my own stuff. 

2. Domain

If you didn't know/realise yet, yup I have finally gotten my own domain 💗. Thank you those who have given me useful advice and support on getting my own domain. It is pretty hard for me to make this decision because I have never thought of being a full-time blogger. I was still studying back when I paid for my own domain and it makes me think a lot on my future path. 

3. Graduate

Finally graduating from Monash University. I have enjoyed so much for the past 3 years in Monash. Time flies and I am going to have my convocation next year April. I have blogged and vlogged about my Universiy life as much as I can to keep all those memories. From being a buddy, to my final year of my university days, everything seems so little but means significantly in my life. 

4. Fun

Messy hair but don't care cause I really have a lot of fun during my trip in Genting. Besides going to Genting, I had a lot of fun in 2017, meeting a lot of nice people, and had a lot of my "first time". I went to Club for the first time, had an amazing 21st birthday, attended some of the events, as well as getaways from the city with family and friends.

Thank you for all the fun moments 2017! 😊

Hello 2018

It is always hard to say goodbye, but not when you have done everything you can, leaving no regrets. I am satisfied with my current life. So, let's give a warm hello to 2018! In the new year, I hope that I am able to achieve all of the below.

1.  Travel

Who doesn't like to travel? In the year of 2018, I hope that I can travel at least one country. 😊I would like to explore the worlds, to see their experience different culture. Yup, not going to be greedy cause I know it's hard to earn money and this relates to my next point.

2. Earn more money

I am gonna earn more money and travel around the world. I believe the phrase of "Travel while you still can". It would be amazing to be able to spend your own money on traveling/ gettings things that you like. I am glad to know that I am financially stable (or maybe soon :P) and my parents can finally chill a little bit d.

3. Happy and Healthy Life

Not happier and healthier life. But at least a happy and healthy life. Life is like a roller coaster, where there's up and down, I hope that in 2018, I am strong to face any challenges, happy and grateful on small little things I have and have a healthy life.

4. Still Doing what I am doing

Last but not least, I hope that I am still doing what I am doing, including my work life and blog. I hope that I am still able to update my blog and youtube every month, despite that I am having a full time busy work life.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I wish you guys have a very happy and prosperous happy new year 😄


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  1. Happy new yearrr dearie! :)
    all the best in 2018! it was nice to meet you in 2017. hahaha
    cheers till we really get to really meet again on next butterfly event!

    smiles from wan @ everything magical

    1. Happy new year! :D
      Can't wait to meet you guys again and we should really talk to each other when we really meet xD

      Good luck and all the best too <3