Christmas in Genting 2017 | Vlog

by - 8:08 AM

Hi bunnies! How's everyone doing?

I have started working recently and it took up so much of my time, where sometimes I wish that I am still studying. When I was still at uni, I have more time to blog, as well as doing things that I love.

I am not sure whether I still have time to manage my blog since I always come back home so late after work. In fact, it needs a lot of effort, especially after a long tiring day where the only thing you want is sleep and rest.

Oh well, Christmas has passed exactly a month and I am finally posting this video!
I lost count of the years I stop visiting Genting. 10 years ? or more than a decade?

TBH, Genting has changed so much and everything seems so refreshing and nice to me.
I had so much fun walking around, spending quality time with my family.

Especially love the winch show at the Resort World Genting where there are four-story high LED screen and 1001 light bulbs depict the story of Christmas. It is really amazing though 😘

If you have missed the show, catch it by watching my video 😊
You guys might love it. Hope you guys enjoy watching it 💓



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