Why Neubodi bra is not just an ordinary bra

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Hello, bunnies! :D
Recently I went to Neubodi shop and got a special treat to get a perfect fit bra and some advices on which sizes I should get. The Neubodi store is located in Kota Damansara and it was quite easy to find a parking space since there’s private parking lot of Neubodi’s customer. 

I was informed that the bra fitting specialist could find the perfect bra size without measuring my bust. She is just going to use her magical hand to measure my bust, by only touching my rib bones. I was so surprised at that time when she really got the perfect size for me and they called this technique as the Holistic Bra Fitting Technique.

The lady told me that they have been trained months to know this kind of fitting method. Thus, it is extremely important for their employees to know the perfect size for their customers. 

Often, people feel uncomfortable wearing bra is because they are wearing the wrong bra.
Breast tissues should be completely contained in the cups, wires should lay flat and not touch breast tissues. Besides that, support should come from the bra band, and not the straps. You should be able to slide one finger under your bra band and bra straps with ease. 

TBH, how many of you are still wearing bras that leave bra band marks?

The Neubodi store in Kota Damansara is pretty spacious and the ambience is really cozy.
To ensure that they can cater to all shapes and sizes of the busts in the market, they have sold over 600 different sizes and designs of bras, and all come with matchy underwear.

Besides undergarments, they also sell maternity, sport, sleep, construct and occasion wear. 

I feel a lady awkward when the lady wants to teach me how to “properly” wear a bra. I have never learned the right way of wearing a bra until this helpful lady came in. I was too shy and no one bothers in “teaching” me the correct way of wearing the bra, as long as I can fit it. 

In the back days, I always ignore the pictures of guides to wear a bra correctly which is hanged in the fitting room. Until now, only I know that it is extremely important to wear a bra correctly.

These are some of the examples of having a wrong bra.
Wearing a wrong bra is like having an unhealthy relationship with your other half. 
It is uncomfortable and will make to feel like getting rid of it. 

Most of us have the extra boob meat at the side of our arm, like the 4th image. It is a common scene because most of us are unaware that we are wearing the wrong bra.  I am one of the lucky ones because my bust is growing well. In fact, I was so surprised to know that I have so many "extra" boobs that I have neglected 😦.

Why Neubodi Bra?

A right bra should give you all the benefits mentioned in the picture on right, as well as the support to reconstruct your bust. Neubodi bra can help to push those fatty tissues that are widespread over your underarm/ back to the right position. Indeed, I saw how voluptuous I become in an instant. 

I feel that the support of the bra helps to strengthen my posture and make me more confident. I was quite amazed by the result and I didn't know that I am capable of becoming more voluptuous after I pushed the "extra meat" forward. 

This is the Darlene Feminine Bra, that the bra fitting specialist chose for me. It is an utterly gorgeous stretch lace stunner, whose delicately curved underwire and the ingenious mesh panels offer unparalleled support. It is one of the classic collection in Neubodi. Its corseted side stays anchor against the body, while the three-part cups construction is further supported with an inner cup sling to enhance the bustline. 

Furthermore, their band is thicker than your normal bra, which provides you comfort without worrying about your bra moving around. The material is made out of breathable material which is of high quality. The cutting suits me perfectly, and the cutting of the bra makes my cleavage even deeper xD The cup is completed with a spotlight inner padding shield for further uplift and support. 

The lingerie in Neubodi might not be the cheapest in town but their prices are really reasonable. 
I feel that the Neubodi bra is a great investment for bust shaping, especially in the long run. You won't want your breast to be saggy even at a young age right? 

Afterall, our bust needs that one good bra to give us the perfect support and shape that we need.
Don't you agree with me? :)

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