The Good Batch "Between The City & Stars"

by - 7:54 PM

Hey guys! :D

So, a few days ago, I attended a pre-launch event at the Lightbox @ Sungai Buloh. 
I brought my sister and her friends there to have a mini photoshoot because they are all photography enthusiasts. 

The art event "Between The City and Stars" features artwork from both Local and International Artists. I am glad to be invited to this creative event to experience and gain exposure to new various forms of art. They have a lot of activities such as follows.

Now, let's see what I have taken during the event :)

*All photos credit to Shermeen, MingLi, JiEn and Jenn*
You won't know the stress of 4 cameras focusing on you xD

The Art Event will be available only until the end of 2017. So pay a visit to the creative art show before it's too late :) For more info, click HERE.


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