My hair makeover at The Hare Salon

by - 5:50 AM

 The Hare Salon

*Just purely trying to record everything down :)*

I reached the place at around 12.30pm and inquired what color and style I should go for.
They started to bleach my hair after that and it took around an hour. They also retouched my hair so that the bleaching process is even.

After wash and blow dry, it is already 3pm. The colored my roots first because that is the parts where I did not bleach my hair. In order to make the color stay, it is better for them to leave it longer. After around 30minutes, then only they color the rest of my hair.

At around 4.30pm, which is an hour of color, they reapplied the color to make sure that the colors are even. They washed it off after another 20minutes and I had the Olaplex treatment for around 20minutes.

Last but not least, wash --> blow --> curl.

All of the steps look like can be done in 2 minutes in the video but seriously, I have sat on the same chair for more than 5 hours! I reached my house at around 6pm and that's kinda crazy. My first time staying in a salon for so long xD

Hair taken indoor vs outdoor using the same phone on the same day! 
So different right? 

For more of my hair photos can be seen here. 
The color stayed for more than a month and I am super impressed by it.

Ps. not sponsored to do this, but I love their service so much that I decided to share it here 💓 

Have a great day ahead! 😄
*I miss my purple hair*


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