My first SEO-C Workshop with The Butterfly Project

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Few weeks ago, I attended the SEO+C (Seach Engine Optimization + Creative) Workshop, which is organised by The Butterfly Project. It is a learning workshop on how we can optimise our blog search engine so that our post can be at the top in the web searching. An approximately of 50 beauty and lifestyle bloggers were there to learn about the SEO.

Before the workshop started, we get to play with some of the beauty products at the beauty booth.  
Thank you, Althea, for the sponsored products. 💗

The workshop is also sponsored by Frostbite, which is founded by one of TBP's members.

Mermaid is the host of the day

The workshop went smoothly with 2 awesome speakers of the day.
They have made the whole learning process so easy and fun, unlike lecture class that we usually attend. We have gained so much and I hope that those who have missed out on the workshop at least have some ideas on why SEO is so important for content creators. 


Here is Nicholas, guiding us on how we can improve SEO and traffic.

1. Get a domain for your blog
Getting your blog a domain, which is ".com" can help to boost your traffic. It can help to authorize your work and prevent people from stealing it. Besides that, it can also give your blog more recognitions thus brings you more opportunities. 

2. Keywords
It is important to get the right title and having the relevant keywords for the post. Having tons of hashtags might work on Instagram in helping you to get more likes, but it does not work the same way on the blog. The search engine might see all the irrelevant keywords in permalink/ title/ hashtag as a spam if there are too many random keywords.

3. User-friendly blog
Having a simple and user-friendly website can help to boost your blog because it is easier for people to read and search your posts. Of course, make sure the template of your blog is nice and decent so  people are willing to spend more time on your blog. Also, make sure your link is opened in a separate tab so that your reader will stay on your blog longer.

4. Be authentic
A relatable and honest review/post is always what makes people want to continue to read your contents.  It is very easy to determine if your sponsored posts are honest. Thus, create contents that are genuine and sincere which can help to gain loyal readers and make yourself a unique person. 

5. Creativity counts
Make your content as creative as possible so that it can attract more people to read it. Plan your post before you write everything and make sure that there is a flow. You won't know when it will become viral because of your creativity. :)

Here is Leonard telling us how social media works in our daily life now. He used a lot of examples in his presentation, which makes everything interesting and easier to be understood.

1. Understand the ecosystem in Content Marketing
It is important to know the purpose of writing and to know what kind of contents your followers would like to read from you. Because at the end of the day, your readers are the one who is reading your post.

2. Be unique
There are too many "me too" kind of influencers, where everyone is posting and sharing the same things on social media. There are too many copy paste kind of contents thus this kind unhealthy competitions have to be voided.

3. Be sincere
A lot of brands know that words of mouth and peer recommendations work extremely well in the society nowadays. Sharing your experience of using the products is always more convincing than just telling the benefits of it. Your content has to be well crafted, sincere while sending valuable informations to your readers. 

4. Know your value
Know your value and don't accept any kind of advertorial that is not suitable for your readers. Be responsible and share your knowledge with your readers. Mostly those who read your post are people who trust you and want to learn from you. So don't disappoint them.

Super grateful to be able to join such awesome community. 
I received a lot of opportunities, met a lot of friends who have the same interest as me, and of course, learnt a lot of stuff. Hope you guys enjoy reading this and learn something new here :) 

Before I end this post, I would like to share some of the awesome photos that were taken on that day.
All credit to the awesome photographer, Eros, from fishmeatdie 💗

*can you spot me?*


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