Enchanted Forest 2017 @ DPAC

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It's school holidays! I wish that I have "work" holidays though.
Oh well, if you guys did not know yet, I just started working in a bank. Working life is so different, compared to study life. I kinda miss those days, when I don't have to go to uni 5 days a week. 

Oh well, earning money is important, but having a balance work life is even more important!
If you guys do not have any plan for this coming weekend, why not come and watch the Enchanted Forest with me? :) 

Enchanted Forest is presented by D’Danze Academy, in collaboration with D’Danze Centre and Danze Pointe Music and Dance School. The school concert is held once every three years, each time providing students with an opportunity to experience stage performance as well as genres of dance outside ballet. 

Imagine you’re an incredibly curious child.
Everything around you is a mystery – who painted the sky blue, where the rainbow ends, what it feels like to fly like a bird and to dive like a fish – and you absolutely have to find out the truth, to uncover the answers to your questions, or that nagging feeling inside just won’t let you sleep at night.

Jamie was that exact child, in that exact situation. A bad combination indeed, for that nagging, burning little “why” was the very “how” that the forbidden chest was opened. In the wake of such a tragedy, Jamie was approached by a little pixie. It took a little comforting and coaxing, but eventually, the child got up, determined to make amends, and followed the pixie into the Enchanted Forest.

The Curses were out there, and there was no way to recapture them. Instead, all Jamie could do was seek out the five Jewels. But… why?

To know why, watch the ballet show yourself 😄!

There will be 3 sessions for the Enchanted Forest to take place at Damansara Art Centre (DPAC), which are

1. 15th Dec 2017 (8pm)
2. 16th Dec 2017 (2pm)
3. 17th Dec 2017 (8pm)

 Tickets are priced at RM98 and RM68, you can visit www.dpac.com.my or call (03) 4065 0001 or (016) 222 8022 (Suzanne) to purchase. BTW, student tickets, which are also available for a Buy 10 Free 1promotion, for 15th Dec 2017 (8pm) show only. Don't say I bojio kay 😉.

Thanks for reading! 


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