2 Days 1 Night Christmas Party with The Butterfly Project and Traveloka

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Credit to Eros Si

Hello everyone! How's everyone doing so far?
I had a wonderful Christmas Staycation at The KL Journal Hotel. All thanks to The Butterfly Project and Traveloka for making it happened. I got to meet the Butterfly community and it was indeed a great opportunity to me.

It has been awhile since I have a short getaway with my friends. To be honest, my stay in The KL Journal has been amazing and meaningful. It is a stylish boutique hotel, which is hidden in KL city center with a relaxing environment. It is located in the main shopping district Bukit Bintang. Thus, it is really convenient for people who want to have a hassle-free stay in the city. 

The place is decorated nicely with Christmas elements. Loving the Christmas vibe here and I must say they have put a lot of effort into making the whole hotel nice and insta-worthy. 💗

Credit to Eros Si

Upon of arriving, I registered myself with Traveloka's staff at the Worker Union, which is a space for work and play. It is a common area, which consists of meeting studios, business center, terrace bar & grill and more for events and activities! The area is indeed a decent place for people to relax and brainstorming.

Credit to Eros Si

After getting our goodie bags and personalized nametag, we got to have our breakfast in the same area. Nasi lemak, croissant, and pancake were served and they are really yummy! 😋

Credit to Eros Si

After breakfast, we attended a speech by Traveloka, introducing their newly launched app.

 If you didn't know about Traveloka, 

It is actually a leading hotel and flight booking platform in Southeast Asia, offering exclusive travel deals with no hidden fees! I always love Traveloka because it offers the best price for flight tickets and hotels in Southeast Asia and it helps me to save a lot of time.

 It also helps to solve a lot of the problems, especially for those who always travel around Southeast Asia countries, by giving great saving and convenient platform when “shopping”. It is a complete solution, where you can book the cheapest flights and hotels on just one website!

Now, they have introduced this Price Alert function, where you can fly to your dream destination with your dream flight, in their mobile app. The function allows you to choose your desired time of departure and type of notifications that you prefer for your trip. 

It is definitely a plus point, especially for a budget traveler, like me. 🙋

Before I continue my story, let me talk a little more about Traveloka. 😊

Information such as availability of both local and international flights and hotels, hotel's facilities, nearby attractions and MORE can be found in Traveloka. You can literally travel using this one app on your phone. 

Ongoing promos, special fare deals and domestics hotel deals and even MEMBER DEALS can be found in the app as well! You will never miss out any of their ongoing flight and hotel discounts because they are all on ONE page, which is absolutely hard to miss. 😉

For an example, if I want to travel to Singapore, all I need to fill in is the date that I wish to travel. 
 They have the most extensive search result, where you can have the widest selection of airlines and hotels for your needs.

You can also combine multiple airlines for a different destination. Like pairing multi airlines, traveling from one destination to another (MY to SG to KR) and so on. 

Yup, they are finally having their own mobile app in both Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS) users, where you can book flights and hotels at ease.

BTW, if you didn't know, Traveloka offers 0% monthly installment plan and they only offer honest price, where all the price listed are inclusive of taxes, surcharges, and payment fee. Which mean that there is NO HIDDEN charge!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and book your dream destination and start traveling around the world. 😄

After some introduction, we then have some ice-breaking games. I have a lot of fun and the mini-games make all of us connect. All the bloggers are really into the games, which make everything extra fun.

Credit to Eros Si

After the ice-breaking games, everyone was warmed up and I feel that we are all closer together. 
This is also the reason why I love being in the community and join this kind of event. It makes me feel that I am not alone and I can have friends who are sharing the same interest as me. Being a blogger is no longer a dream / hard to achieve because I have them. 💗

We have lunch at the Kedai Kopi Journal, which is just downstairs of the Union Work. It is actually a local coffee shop concept cafe, which serves variety choices of food. We had all of our meals there, except tea break. The picture above shows what I had for lunch and it is the Wagyu Beef Burger with sweet potato fries 😋 The Waygu beef is very juicy and flavorful and the fries are to die for! 

Credit to Eros Si

HIGHLIGHT of the event!

Since the community is called The Butterfly Project, Tammy, our mamasan decided to release 2 cages of butterflies. 💗 It kind of symbolizes our freedom to explore the world and the opportunities that are awaiting us.

Credit to Eros Si

We also took a group photo at the terrace bar. :)
Can you spot me?

Next up, we have some workshops to attend and they were the Bath Bomb & Scrub Workshop by Wunderbath, Leather Passport Holder Workshop by DIY KL, Journaling workshop by Orange Berry and last but not least the Watercolor Floral Workshop by Black Milk Project.

All the workshops sound really interesting to me and I wish that I can attend all four. However, due to lack of time, we can only register for one workshop. As you guys can see from the picture, I registered myself in the Leather Passport Holder Workshop. 😊

The whole process of making the leather passport holder was fun and I learned a lot of techniques in the process of making one for myself. TBH, I thought that it was very hard to make one but it turned out pretty easy and interesting!

The founder of DIY KL is very friendly and she guided us step by step slowly to make sure that all of us can follow. After around 4 hours of hard work, we were finally done and it was so satisfying! 💗

Credit to Eros Si
Here is a group photo of the Leather Passport Holder Workshop team :)
A huge thank DIY KL for allowing me to personalize my passport holder.

Want to know how I DIY my passport holder?

Scroll all the way to the end and click on the video to check it out yourself. 😉

Dinner at Kedai Kopi Journal!

Omg, the meats are amazing and I feel so sinful after eating so much. 😆
It is actually a buffet style and they have prepared various food, from vege, meat, drinks, and even desserts!

Credit to Eros Si

To celebrate early Christmas, we have a Christmas Exchange Present for our roommate.

Curious about what is in the box?
Scroll all the way to the end and click on the video to check it out yourself. 😆

After dinner, we went to The Terrace Bar and Grill, where we have the butterfly release ceremony and group photo in the afternoon.

At night, it turned out to be a relaxed alfresco area for us to unwind and relax, while listening to the live band performance. As it was Saturday, they were giving free cocktail to all the ladies. 😘

Before I went back to my room, I went to the rooftop infinity pool for a night city view, letting the wind to blow on my face. As the wind blows, my mind is clearer and I wonder when will I be this relaxed again. 💗

Here is my last meal in the Kedai Kopi Journal. I had some wholemeal bread, sausage, cheese, tomatoes and beans for breakfast. It was indeed an amazing meal. I feel that I gained so much in that 2 days. LOL.

Credit to Eros Si

To conclude my post, here are some of the insta-worthy photos that I have taken in KL Journal Hotel. 💗

Hope you guys enjoy reading my post and I will see you guys next time. 😉
Thanks for reading!

Ps. watch my video at the end of this post to see how my room looks like :)

Let me bring you guys along to have a "short getaway" with me  :D 

Enjoy ;)

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