What you should know about Play Club KL

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Do you believe that this is my first time in a club?
I actually wanted to pay a visit to the club in Melbourne but I missed the chance.

My younger sister even visited the place earlier than me. She told me that she felt like she has grown up in a single night. She sees more than me now. This made me feel that I was living in my cave. xD

Play Club KL is a very small place. It is super crowded with people, mainly youngsters in their 20s. Tbh, I actually saw some pretty girls and good looking guy around the club, despite that it's pretty dim inside. xD My friend told me that Play Club is like an ocean full of fishes. But in Zouk Club, it is like an ocean full of sharks. LOL.

Now, let me tell you what's like in Play Club KL.

1. Smoky Environment

The moment I stepped into the club, I was surrounded by the smokes from cigarettes and vape. It is common for them to smoke in the club and there is ashtray on every table. I was told that most of the people there smoke, not because they're smoker, but because of the environment. It is like you are the odd one if you don't smoke over there. Of course, I didn't smoke/ try it. I hate cigarettes (just saying). *Be careful of the cigarette bud, it is everywhere*

2. Drama

As a person who loves watching drama, you get to see some real live drama there. So, there was this guy, probably just broke up with his GF, standing next to our table. He was damn drunk that he couldn't even stand straight by himself and can fall in our direction any second. His friend was trying to pull him back to their table but all he did is pouring more alcohol into his mouth. Luckily he didn't vomit in front of us though. 

My hair also kena pulled by someone. She was damn high on the dance floor. While I thought she is just a normal girl, who just danced like a crazy woman, I was totally wrong. I was clueless that she is going to grab my hair, out of so many things when she was going to fall down. The sudden pain stroke into me like a lightning bolt. I am speechless. :O

3. Skinship

Besides sad dramas, kissing scene between the same gender can be seen as well. Skinship between male and female is just so normal and needless to say over there. Sexy dance /movement are everywhere as well. 

Something happened when I was dancing on the dance floor with my friends. There is this guy, who is my friend's friend, I call him X. At first, X did not do anything, besides holding our hand/shoulder, cause we were supposed to stay together on the dance floor. Suddenly, I feel that someone is touching my boobs! I immediately pulled the hand down and realized that it's X's hand! WTF! Even though I was already prepared to face this kind of stuff in a club, I still can't believe that I was harassed.

4. Noise

You will get tinnitus the moment the music hits your eardrum. The music blast in your ears is unbearable but you will definitely use to it after some time. You will as well feel the buzzing in your ears when you go to toilet/ quiet area, especially after you have used to the loud music. 

I don't really like the DJs over there because they keep repeating the same music over and over. The flow is not very smooth as well and I can't really get high there. Not the best remix though.

5. Small space

The place is packed with people, as the space is really limited. Everyone was dancing crazily on the dance floor. My toes kena stepped for countless times until they are numb. If I ever come back here again, I will definitely wear heels/ something that covers my toes. 

Last but not least, there are some door policies that have to be followed in Play Club. Male must be 21years or older, while female must be 18years or older to enter. All must bring ID to identify themselves. Entrance is depended on the drinks that you have ordered. We got 2 vodkas for 8 people. Each of us paid Rm92. Oh yea, ladies' night is on everyday Thursday for Play Club.

The club experience might not be what I have expected, but I am glad that at least I entered club in my 21.

*PS. everyone thinks different way and that's what I think about Play. No offense :)*

That's all for this post.
Thanks for reading.


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