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If you guys have read my recent post/ follow my social media, you might already know that I have attended my friend's 21st birthday. I have asked my friend what she wanted for her present and what she told me is that she love gift that is sincere. 

Alright, this is damn hard! How am I going to define "sincerity"? 

I have squeezed the brain juice out of me and the thought of DIY-ing the present myself came out. 
While I was thinking what to do for her and scrolling Facebook at the same time, this website, called Printcious, came out on my wall. Click Here to know how you can customise your gift with Printcious :)

I guess you guys have already known what I have made for her. 😊
Yup, I made a magic mug for her!

Here are some of the examples of the designs of the mug. To be honest, I am a person who is lack of creativity. I definitely have no idea on how to design the mug. Hopefully, these pictures help a little on inspiring you 😄

So, here is the mug. I am pretty impressed by the service!

Let me tell you why is it the perfect gift!

First of all, the mug arrived my place safely, wrapped with 4-5 of bubble wraps! It is so secure that I can throw my parcel on the floor and the mug will still be undamaged. 

Secondly, it delivers pretty fast. I ordered it on the 16th and they only used 10 days to make the mug. The mug reached my place on the 27th, which mean they only use like 7-10 working days!

Thirdly, the mug is in high quality! Totally worth the money though.
At first, I was like, is it worth to get such an expensive mug? Even though it's a magic mug, it is just a normal mug for me. For my friend? I feel that it can be really memorable. :)

Last but not least, the picture is so damn clear! 
I was so worried that the picture will come out blur and unclear because I got all the pictures from the online. Surprise surprise, they came out really good 💗

Now, let's see how I have designed the mug :)

*Ps, I didn't use the mug, I just poured some hot water for photo purposes

What do you think about the mug?
It is super lovely, right?

I am really glad that my friend loves it. 😄
Hope this post helps a little for you if you are having trouble with what to get for your friends. 😊

Thanks for reading! 


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