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Hello, bunnies!

I always have my facial regularly every 4-6months. You guys might wonder, why do I even need a facial because my skin looks alright in the photo. However, do you notice that I seldom post selfie on my social media? This is because I have no confidence in showing my selfie! Taking a selfie is like zooming your face in your ootd picture like 10 times in. So, all my flaws and pores will be revealed.

In order to be more confident, I take care of my skin, including going for a facial. My skin can go really rough and bad during my finals or when I am stressed. *Will show you guys how bad it can go, so RMB to read until the end 😊*

This time around, I decided to give Beaute Library a try. I have a few friends who recommended me the place and I am pretty amazed to know that they have more than 6 branches in Malaysia. The branch that I went is located in Kota Damansara, and tbh the place is really hard to find parking. It will be awesome if they have own private parking for their customers 😊but that’s just a small matter because I eventually found a parking lot behind the beauty salon.

I really love the environment which Beaute Library has brought out. The whole beauty salon looks very classy and relaxing, decorated with white and gold as their main colors.

I was asked to wait in the waiting area before the beautician led me to the consultation room.

After filling in my details, the beautician gave me a quick skin check. She found that I have dry skin but oily t-zone and clogged pores on the sides of my face. Thus, the beautician suggested me to do is the Beaute Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment, which is also one of their best treatments. It took around 150minutes, giving me a well hydrated skin that looks stunning even without the use of makeup. It can also help to regain supple skin with a 3-collagen facial which hydrates, firms, and smooths skin.

She also told me that all the products that they used are naturally extracted from the essence of the plants. The main plant is the Peony flower, which is also called the king of flowers, which can help to hydrate and brighten our skin.

This is the room that I was brought in. I was told to change my outfit because there will be a shoulder massage after the facial, which I really can’t wait. 😊

I felt very relaxed when my beautician was double cleansing my face because the scent of the Peony flower is very light and nice. After double cleansed my face, the beautician will put the steam on my face for a few minutes to open the pores, so that it will be easier to extract the white and blackhead. The steamer is cold one, unlike some of the facial salon, which is more gentle and won’t hurt our skin.

After the steamer, the beautician gave my skin a gentle scrub, which smells like pineapple. Extraction comes next and I feel that it ended pretty fast. The beautician kept asking me if it is too painful, but I am kind of used to it, as I always have clogged pores. After extractions, everything became so relaxing and smooth. I had an eyebrow shaping, as well as the cream mask for the soothing effect. The beautician told me that the cream mask can help to hydrate my skin, as well as soothe the wounds after the extraction so that it won’t be too red.

The best part of the whole treatment would be the collagen machine treatment. It has the cooling effect, and it feels really good when the machine is massaging my face. After the mask, I have another mask, which is a bit warm, and it smells like oat. While putting that mask, I had a shoulder massage. TBH, I almost fell asleep xD.
Last but not least, the beautician put some moisturizer and sunblock on my face before I leave. It is really important to put on sunblock to protect your skin. 😊

A warm tea after the treatment. :)

Now let me show you my face. 

Front face.
Before treatment, I had some clogged pores on my forehead, due to late sleep. After treatment, my forehead is smooth again, and the redness is gone the next day.

Right face.
There are some scars and clogged pores on my left face. After treatment, there is some redness, but my skin feels super smooth. After a week, marks are all gone and scars are lightened.

Left face.
Just like my right face, there are clogged pores and scars. After the extraction, there is some redness, but it does not last long.

I am very satisfied with the result, and I feel that I have to share this with my readers. My face is definitely smoother and brighter now. Besides that, he beautician is super friendly and very patient in explaining everything to you.

For your information, the Beaute Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment is Rm880 per session. As a student, I feel that it is pretty pricy but I can see the changes on my face. But don’t worry, Beaute Library is being generous enough to have a promotion in Fave by Groupon. If you wish to try the Beaute Floral Essential Collagen Facial Treatment, you can as well get it from Fave at 97% discount, at RM28, instead of RM880, for the first trial. 😊

Make sure you book an appointment with them to prevent disappointment.

For more info, 
Website: Beaute Library
Facebook: Beaute Library 

Thanks for reading!


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