I am finally back

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Sorry for MIA (missing in action ) for so long. 
And I am finally back! 

I have been preparing for my finals and I think I did quite okay... I think 😅
Except for 1 paper, which I am not very confident.

Normally we don't extend our exam, even when there are mistakes/ errors in the paper.
However, in this paper, which is called Survey Methods and Managerial Statistics, there are 3 mistakes out of 4 questions. We understand that our lecturer is human and we do make mistakes.
But having mistakes in 3 out of 4 questions? That's kind of outrageous. The only question that has no mistake is the non-calculation one. That's my first time having exam extended for so long, which is 30minutes.

Our lecturer has assured us that the paper will be like the past year paper and if we can finish the PYP, we would not have any problem with finals. Well, surprise, surprise, guess what!?
 Everyone is scolding the lecturer after the paper though. Haiz... 

Alright, that the update for university part.


Let's talk about something fun.

The first thing I did after my finals is to go and remove my nails. As you guys might already know, I did my first gel manicure at Enchanted Siblings and it's so pretty 😍 I love it so much that I don't really feel like removing it but it is too long for me and I feel that my nails are going to fall soon if I do something rough. 😅 So yea, back to simplicity.

I also attended my friend's birthday party, which is 2 days after my paper.
I was like "wow luckily I finished my paper earlier!" Or not I don't think that I can attend the party though. My mom will ground me from going out 😂

After the party, we went for 2nd round to Play Club KL and it is my first time in a club!
I was so excited and my heart thumbed so fast, that I thought I have heart attack. :O
Anyway, it is a great experience and I shall blog more about it soon, so stay tuned to my blog. 😊

Oh oh, btw, I am currently watching Kdrama, such as While We Were Sleeping and Revolution.
My friend asked me to watch Mad Dog and Witch Court soon cause she said that it is nice.
Any other nice drama that you guys want to recommend me? My life is currently so boring that only left drama, blogging and mobile legend 😂 (I am not a gaming person, but my friend convinced me to play ML and LOL with him)


I am actually pretty looking forward to meet up with my friends. But some of them are having finals  :( .
I also wanted to plan a short trip with them but it's so hard. It is not that no one wants to plan it, but it is super hard to find days where all of us are free.

I am now working on some review posts. Hopefully I can post all of them as soon as possible.
Besides that, I have also filmed a beauty video, which I want to share with you guys. Hopefully it comes out good :D So subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you haven't and stay tuned ;)

Future ? Working ? Idk.
I still have no plan yet. But the only thing I know is that I wish I can work in the bank headquarter or maybe join the training program, which is really hard to go in. I didn't know that a lot of people wanting to join the training program and I feel so stress competing with them :O. 

Oh well, here I am joining the labor force and being unemployed.
Please employ me please xD

That's all for this post.
It is a very chill post, all about my life update to my fellow friends and followers. :)

Thanks for reading!


Photo taken during my friend's 21st birthday party 💗

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