[REVIEW] How to create Korean dewy skin with Althea Lovely Dewy Box

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If you guys have followed me long enough, you guys might already know how much I love Althea
I can always get cheap and latest Korean beauty products directly from Korea and all thanks to Althea.

This is probably my fourth or fifth althea boxes for the year. Some I bought it myself, some I received from The Butterfly Project. When you love beauty products so much that you can't resist getting it, sometimes I hate myself so much and I wonder why I can't control and stop buying stuff 😂 

Do you guys have the same problem as me? If yes, how did you guys do it?

Althea always releases 2-3 this kind of beauty boxes every month based on specific themes and all the boxes are super cheap, in an extremely great deal. You can save up to 82%, getting 5-12 full size of beauty products in it. Now, you tell me, how can I say no to such great discounts? 

Btw, I have blogged about the Althea Food Skin Love Box a few months ago. Feel free to read it because most of them are my current favorite products 😊

I believe that a lot of people are Korea beauty junky, and thus most of us love the Korean dewy skin. As the title of this post, I am going to share about the Althea Lovely Dewy Box, where the secret to achieving Korean dewy skin, without it looking oily and shimmery.

 In this box, it consists of 5 full sized of products which are:
2. Son & Park Concealer Cube (Natural)
            3. Tony Moly Crystal Lovely Eyes (Gold Beam)
       6.  Nakeup Face AHA Scaling Cream Sample

If you are lazy to read, you can click on the video and see what I think about them.😊

This is the Laneige White Dew Skin Refiner, which can brighten and even your skin tone. It is very light weighted, yet moisturize enough for my skin. It has a fast absorption, which leaves my skin soft and dewy. It is used as a toner and I am super satisfied with this product. BTW, I really love the smell 😍

Rating: 5/5 💗

The second item is this the Son&Park Concealer Cube in Natural color. This is one of the best liquid concealers that I have tried because the color suits me so well and I really love the coverage, which is medium coverage. It is long lasting, yet moisturizing so I can build a few layers on my dark circle (I have really serious dark circles) and not feel cakey at all. Unlike some of the concealer, which can be a little greyish, it the perfect shade for Asian skin, with a natural gloss. 

Rating: 5/5 💗

I also got the Tony Moly Crystal Lovely Eyes in the shade of Gold Beam. It is a very natural shade, which might suitable for those who like to achieve the natural look. There are 2 applicators, which are pencil and sponge at each of the ends.  The glitter is very nice and super creamy. Thus, it is very easy to apply and it is blendable.

Rating: 4/5

I tried this few days after I filmed the video and I feel that this Pure Smile Essence Mask (Pearl) is pretty decent but not very impressive. It is moisturizing, and it is infused with collagen extract that provides nutrition and gives rich glows to the skin. For the price, I will say that it is quite nice. 

Rating: 4/5 

It's My Lip Crayon (NC01 Nudie Coral) is a temperature dependent color lip balm. It keeps my lips hydrated all day and I really love its smell. It is a bit sticky but it is not a huge problem for me. It is a very natural kind of color. So, if you like a more dramatic kind of color, this might not suit you. Also, I feel that the staining power is not very good. It is said that it is a tinted lip balm, but the color was gone after I had my meal. So yea, pretty disappointed by this.

Rating: 2.5/5 😕

Overall, I am again impressed by Althea's beauty box.
It is so worth the money and I love most of the products that I got in the box!
Have you guys tried any beauty box from Althea? Comment down below and let me know what you guys think.

So, that is all for the post!
Hope you guys find it helpful and I will see you guys in my next post! 😊


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