Being a Buddy in Monash University

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Hi guys, how's everyone doing?

It's SWOT (study without teaching) week in Monash. 
A lot of people don't understand why our finals are so early. Well, the reason is that Monash follows  Australians' time, and a lot of other Universities follow UK's time. When we are struggling for finals, some of my friends from universities like Utar, and Sunway are having their good time in university.

In the midst of rushing my final assignments, I volunteered myself to be a Buddy.
Buddy is actually a Peer Mentoring Program for the new intake students. Monash always has Buddies from every school (Business, Engineering, Art, and etc) around the campus for the first week to assist the new intakes. Anyone who has completed 1-2 semester in Monash is eligible to apply for the job.

So, Monash has a really weird timing for the new intakes, which is in October, where everyone is preparing for finals. When I signed up to become a buddy, I feel that I must be crazy, especially when I am in my last semester of university. If I ever fail any unit (*choi choi), I won't be able to graduate at the same time as my friends. Besides that, my parents will have to pay extra money, which is really expensive, for me to retake the unit. Oh noo... I can't imagine that  :O

But then, to become a buddy has been one of my To-Do-List in Unversity.
I listed down the benefits and drawbacks of joining the program and I realized that how much I want to be part of it. Worst come to worst, I will have to work even harder, no chillax time and more sleepless nights for my assignments and studies.

It is a brand new experience for me and I feel that besides spending time helping new intakes, I also get to know more people. Expanding my friend circle can be really hard to me because I always stick to the same group of people. TBH, I have a very shy personality (which my friends don't believeπŸ˜‚).

We have our first briefing session to guide us on what to do and not to do during the orientation. 
We also got our respective tasks, such as the administrative issues, parent info session, transition celebration and others. I am in the Student ID Photo session, helping students in id application.  For that session, we are only required to be there for 2 days (2 hours each), which I think is reasonable, cause I don't have to be there like 24hr. Unfortunately, I am only able to attend the first session, so I feel quite guilty for not able to help out the other day.

The most fun of being a buddy must be the CAMPUS TOUR! 
Ever since I attended the campus tour in my first year in Monash, I have been always wanted to be one of them to bring students around the campus. I am so weird, right? Can someone be "shy and outgoing" or/ "introvert and extrovert" at the same time? xD

During the campus tour, I actually bumped into my friends and she is like "shh.. don't tell them all the stuff, especially the secret places to study πŸ˜‚". Oh mai, my friend, we are graduating soon, so why can't I share this with them? xD

Omg, this story is going longer and longer πŸ˜‚.
I should stop here now and back to study.



Ps. I am grateful to be able to attend University and am proud to be a Monashian πŸ’—

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