Oliver Gourmet Grand Launch at The Mines

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Oliver Gourmet is new growing high-end supermarket in Malaysia. Their first branch is opened in Tropicana City Mall and this is their second branch at The Mines. It is set to thrill shoppers with its wide range of local and international brands of premium groceries to further elevate their experience.

Oliver Gourmet believes that we are what we eat, and eating well is living well. Its aim is to provide customers with quality products that are affordable.

In the grand launch of Oliver Gourmet at The Mines, they have invited lion dance to go around the grocer. Some people took the opportunity to touch the lion dance to get some good luck from it (Chinese's myth) 

I am super happy when I see this whole row of FOOD!
Because I went there with an empty stomach and wanted to grab some food there.
I didn't expect that they will prepare so much for us though.

Their Cappuccino and Mocha is so GOOD!
Surprisingly that they give everyone a cup of coffee and it's not dilute though.
I was standing there for a period of time and I saw that they really change the coffee powder for every cup. 👍

Besides coffee, they also have fresh bakeries and cookies. 
All look really nice right? I actually wanted to try it but I was too full to have any. 😆

This is just a perfect place for you to have a cup of coffee with pastries with family and friends or just a quiet place where you can dine and unwind after a long day. 

This area is filled with food that are non-Halal, such as pork and wine.
So, it's like a respect for Muslims friends who are shopping in Oliver Gourmet.

Inspired by the food hall in Europe and North America, Oliver Gourmet is the FIRST gourmet grocery, providing the shopping experience with the ambience of luxury and style yet intimate that would make you feel at home and ease. 

They even have the dining area for non Halal delicacies, where you can ask them to cook the meat for you! It is a perfect place for quick lunch and meetings with colleagues and business partners. 

Did I mention that they have a variety of wines available? They have intensive wine collection from different part of the world and it is awakening the inner connoisseur. 

I am not an alcoholic, but I did get and try some of them 😆.

The more expensive and luxury one will be stored in a room and some of the prices are so high that I feel so stress staying in that room. HAHA

Moving on to the Halal area.

Oliver Gourmet offers all 15,000 SKUs of both local and imported brands from all around the world. 

The fresh area offers prime cuts of meat, fresh seafood and farm-fresh produce. The store has a dedicated counter for cheese and another delicatessen to suit your discerning palette. 

Oliver wants to be known as the store that delivers exclusive top of the line products with one stop shop solutions that caters to all who wants to experience the gourmet style of shopping.

This is the door-gift that I received from them. Thank you 💕
I thought that it's some champalang* (unknown) tea, but it's actually a deluxe tea, where the company is based in London.

To know more about Oliver Gourmet

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