My First Gel Manicure with EnCHANted Siblings

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If you guys read my previous post, you might already know that I attended the EnCHANted Siblings' 2nd Anniversary Party. If you haven't read it, click here :)

So in this post, I am going to share my first gel manicure experience with them!
Are you guys excited? Because I am 😄.

I went to the Lunaria Palace, which is the branch at Publika. 
 It's located at Block A1 and I did spend some time on finding the shop because it's located outside Publika, which is just beside the Thai Tuk Tuk Restaurant.

Look at their door! 
It's so dreamy and literally look like a princess' palace 😍

Behind the door/ curtain to the "palace", you will find this wall of glory, with all their certificates and nail designs. I actually have a hard time choosing my desired nail design because all look so nice! 😍 My actual plan was to go with something simple and nice, which I have chosen through their instagram. But I changed my mind after seeing so many more choices 😂.

My nail artist is so patient and helpful because I couldn't really decide which one to get 😅.
If she didn't give me some useful recommendation, I would have just stood there and look at the wall dazzily. 

 BTW, take a close look at those words, which is bolded. They're the reasons why I love them so much 💗

Princess Palace Interior 

Here are some of the photos that I have taken in the Publika branch.
Just like the theme in Sri Petaling, the main colour is pastel, which I believe most of us would love. 

Here is the manicure area and I really love how they provide their chairs which are soft and comfortable for their customers. Normally, a gel manicure session will around 2 hours, so you don't even have to worry that your bottom will suffer 😆

Here is the pedicure area, with the pink cushions and comfortable chair.

Not to forget to mention this warm cup of green tea that my nail artist has prepared for me! 
Super love her service though. So caring and thoughtful. 😊

For hygiene purpose, they sterilise their nail tools with the spray! 
They are super hygienic in every of the steps, as my nail artist keep using the cleanser to wipe off the dirt, which stays on my nails.

Next, she will then cut my nails and the cuticles, which is around my nails.
I was a bit worried when she's cutting. But the process is done professionally without any pain 😊.

Here, she is shaping my nails into oval shape. 
She actually asked me what kind of shape I want before I asked her to decide it for me. As a professional nail artist, I believe the choice that she made for me and I am grateful that she didn't let me down. :)

Have I mentioned that they take care of the hygiene very seriously?
Here is a picture to prove that she did clean and wipe every of my nails after steps 😄.

Before she applies gel polish on my nails, she put a layer of nail primer on it to make my nails stronger. She also put 2 layers of nail foundation to protect my nails from damaging too much from the gel polish. 

I have chosen pink and pastel-colour-blending as the base for my nails. 

After the bases are done, she then added some blings so to make it shines like a diamond 💗

Here comes the most exciting part! 😍

I was unable to take any photos of it while she's doing it because I don't want to distract her.
These are some of the accessories that she has used on my nails and all are so tiny!

Can you imagine how much concentration she needs to paste everything on my nails? 

Before she finishes everything, she will put a top coat to secure everything in place and also a coat of nail vitamin (can't remember what it's called) around my skin.

I purposely not to focus this picture because I want to put the result of my nails last. 😆
Make you guys gan jiong a bit. HEHE.

Are you guys ready for my nails?







Oh ya. Forgot to mention about this macaroon hand cream to moisturise my hand.
The packaging looks so cute and most importantly, it smells so good! 😍

All thanks to my nail artist, Apple for making it happen! <3 nbsp="" p="">
If you guys want to do your nails in  EnCHANted Siblings in Publika, 
you guys can find her because she's so friendly and nice 💕

I love how genuine and sincere they are when it comes to service.
They redid my nail and not even scared about the trouble just to ensure that we have the best quality.

My Lovely Nails

Once again, thank you, EnCHANted Siblings, for making this happen!
Will definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives because their service is too awesome 😍😘

For more information

Facebook: EnCHANted Siblings
Instagram: @enchantedsiblings 

Address (Sri Petaling): 11, Jalan Radin Bagu, Sri Petaling, 57000 KL.
                    (Publika): Block A1-G2-08, Solaris Dutamis, 50480 KL.

Working Hours: Everyday 11am - 8pm

Tel: +60126688717 (Sri Petaling)
+60136686688 (Publika)

Make sure that you make an appointment with them before your visit 😊
Thanks for reading!


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