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Who doesn't want to get the perfect gift for their loved one?

I have always wanted to get a customized present for my loved one. But the only thing I know how to do is customizing the birthday card. I love DIY-ing stuff and I have made some of the birthday cards for my sisters and friends. I love seeing their satisfying/ touched face when I gave them the cards that I made for them. 

But what if you have no talent in DIY-ing a birthday card/ present?

Instead of getting a present that is not genuine and non-customizable,
it is always better to get a present that will make the person feel special.

Few days ago, I discovered this amazing website came out as a sponsored post when I was scrolling my Facebook. Out of curiosity, I clicked in the link and realized that I can personalize gift items, such as T-shirt, puzzles, phone cases, cushions, mousepads, and even ceramic tiles!

I have a lot of friends, who is having birthday in November and this really got my interest in getting a significant present for her. 

Look at this! 

I feel like creating a canvas but it will be hard to keep it. 
Making a customizable cushion/ pillow with my picture on it will be great for her to dream and think of me all day! HAHA.  

OMG, now I have hard time choosing which one to get for her d 😮.

Very thoughtful, there are videos to guide us on creating our own gifts.
And I feel that even without the videos, the steps are straight forward. 

Maybe I should get a puzzle for myself, because I love solving puzzle 😄.
I solved 2-3 puzzles (more than 300 pieces) when I was younger, probably during primary school or high school. But after that, I have never solved one anymore cause of my busy schedule.

If you don't like the pictures that are provided, again, you can customize it yourself 😊.

I have chosen my own picture for the puzzle. HAHA *Orang ini perasan-nya*
I was just trying an error and see how it works only la.
Don't judge 😂!

P.s. It would be great if you can get a clear and nice picture to avoid disappointment 😉.

After downloaded my picture, I drag the picture so that it fits the size of my puzzle perfectly.
Of course, you can choose the colour of your background and add any text that you like to make it more personalized.

After "designing" my puzzle, which is just drag and fit the size (LOL), I can choose any size of the puzzle that I like. If you have a budget or planned to give it to children, you can always get an A5 size one with 80 pieces, or an A4 size with 120 pieces of puzzles. 

I have chosen the A3 size one with 300 pieces. 
The promo code was automatically added in your order and I found it convenient, especially if I didn't do any "homework" in searching for promo code. 

After confirming the order, it's time to fill in my details!
Of course, I won't be showing you all my contact or where I stay :P
But if you have anything to send me for collaboration or anything, feel free to email me 😂 LOL. JK. 

So far, I have been seeing good reviews from this website and I feel that it is a must to share good stuff with my readers. Especially those who's having hard time in getting a PERFECT gift for your loved one 😉. Yup Yup. Sharing is caring. 

BTW, Printcious is currently having discount up to 70% off in conjunction of the #MYCYBERSALE!  Don't say I bojio kay 😊

Thanks for reading!


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