How I explain what I am doing to my mom

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Being a part-time blogger is what I am currently doing.
But it is kind of hard to explain it to my parents, especially those who don't understand how social media works. Well, even I myself don't really know how exactly social media works because I literally just stepped into the world of "social media".

On some weekends, I go out and attend events but I always tell my mom that I am just hanging out with friends (which is partly true). Coming home with bags of goodies always make my mom questions me. She thought I went shopping with friends. But when I told her that I got them for free, she's even clueless what I am doing. She knows very well that there is no free lunch in this world.

When I got free stuff, regardless it's from the event or a parcel, my mom will ask me these questions: "What are you doing? Why you always get free stuff?"

Sometimes, I received parcels that are from giveaways that I have joined.
If that's the reason, it will be much easier to explain how a giveaway works.
But blogging? I need so much effort to explain it to her.

After explaining how I got the stuff, here comes the next question from my mom:
"Why do you keep taking picture of the things?"

Ok, when I got this question, it is super easy to reply.
I always reply, "I like ah" 😂. It's kind of rude, but it works. LOL.
But sometimes, I will just tell her that I want to update my social media/ just for record purpose.

Whenever I receive a parcel, my mom will surely nag me and tell me not to be cheapskate because sometimes those things that are given away are "bad stuff"/ things that people don't want.
She's also scared that our house address will be revealed if I got tricked or something. 
So, to solve the problem, I always give my dad's office address to my collaboration partners so that they can send the parcels for me to review/ try on. :)

I first started blogging because I wanted to have my own personal online journal.
I always love recording my stuff using electronic devices, such as my laptop/ phone.
I don't have a habit to write it on a book because I feel that it is inconvenient to bring my journal around. And you have a higher possibility of losing it. I record every of my timetable/ schedule in my google calendar and it has brought me so much convenience.

I am from a very old fashion family. My parents don't believe that we can actually earn money from the internet. My dad even asked me to be a professor/ doctor because he thought that they earn a lot by teaching students. But what he didn't know is that most of my lecturers are researchers too, which is pretty challenging and time consuming.

To make everything easier, blogging is actually writing a posts/ articles and publish them online for all to read. The post can be an online journal about your lifestyle or hobbies, sharing beauty/ fashion/ food. A blog can even be a knowledgeable, it doesn't have to be a professional one, but it can be something that is useful to others. A person who publishes posts consistently is called as a blogger. Sometimes, if your posts have high views/readers,  your blog can even be a marketing tool to promote things to your readers, as clients might see the potential in your blog.

It's funny how myself learn something from blogs and internet as well. For an example, I always do my own research before I purchase something online. I even convince my mom to do her own research for her next travel place. Even though she doesn't really know how to use Google, at least she knows how to use Facebook (which is something similar to blog) to get information.

I hope that one day, someone will come and tell me that "Hey Cheryl, I love your post/ I found that your post is very informative and useful". I couldn't be happier to hear that 💗

So, if you’re a blogger or in other similar fields, how do you explain what you do to your family? Share it with me and I would like to know your interesting stories :)

Thanks for reading! 


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  1. haahahaah i have quite an open family!
    when i bring back free stuffs from events they are more excited than i am sometimes.
    which makes explaining pretty easy to my mom cause she's a 'fb scroller' herself. dad on the other hand would be the opposite, but they pretty much supports the idea. :)

    i bet its all fine, as long as if you have a regular job as a foundation.
    blogging part time is pretty fun and productive!

    smiles from,
    Geraldine @ everything magical

    1. Yeap, you are right. As long as I have a regular job as foundation, and can support myself, my parents also won't oppose what I am doing now :D Thanks for sharing your story here <3