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Bonjour, lapin (Hello, bunnies).

Have you ever wondered, what does it feel like having a Tai Tai life?

I always imagine myself in a cafe with awesome atmosphere, accompanied by a group of friends, enjoying high tea session. Seeing people posting their high-tea session and Tai Tai life in social media makes me so tempted too.

Thank you, Shannon and Chez Leoniel for the invitationπŸ’“
It is my first high-tea session and I am really glad that I am able to be there.

Chez Leoniel is a French cafe, which was founded in 2012, located at Alliance Francaise de Kuala Lumpur. It is a hidden cafe in KL and when I said hidden, it's located at a place that you won't think of. When the Waze brought me there, I thought that I was at the wrong location, until I double confirmed with my friends. The reason it is located in the rural area is because there is a French school- Alliance Francais.  Chef Leoniel started making pastries, while he was attending French classes at Alliancais. By this way, he can make things easier to do both things at the same place.

Chef Leoniel was a flight attendant and he found his passion in the culinary world by travelling around the world for almost 10 years. He says " Just food itself can be boring, but when there's good accompany, it's simply magical", which I definitely agree with. :)

Stepping in the cafe literally makes me feel like I am in France.
Look at all the art wall! As you guys might know, France is the heaven for artists and I feel that most of the people who visit Chez Leoniel are because of the ambience.

Look at the pastries 😍.
I was having trouble choosing which one to try first because everything looks so great! 

Chez Leoniel unveils its afternoon high tea set, which changes weekly. 
This can be a really great idea because this can make sure that the customers won't get bored of their pastries and every visit can be a surprise πŸ˜„. Besides serving afternoon teas and pastries, they also serve French dishes that you might want to try! 

#BTS #男友视角 πŸ˜„.

While Shannon was taking picture of me, Bee Lee took these candid shot of me <3
OMG look at my legs πŸ’— Love it so much πŸ’— I swear I didn't lengthen it xD

Before we get into our work, which is tasting them, we take photos. 
Another candid shot of Tiffany and I from Bee Lee πŸ˜„ Shannon was so ready for the camera though ~

All the pastries look so good and we are kind of unwilling to eat it πŸ˜‚.
In fact, we took more photos before we "ruin" and finish everything.

The high tea set usually comes with 12 pieces of pastries, which is handpicked by Chef Leoniel according to the availability of pasties, and a pot of tea/coffee for only Rm75. It can be shared among 2-3 people depending on your appetite. 

As I mentioned before, the pastries in the high tea set changes every week and they are always swapped between Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, Fruit Panier, Croissant Sandwich, Tart Aux Fraises, Tart Au Citron, Tart Au Chocolat, Assorted flavored Macaroons, Fruit Cakes and many more.

During my visit, I got 7 types of different pastries and they are:

1. Fruit Panier                                  
2. Apple Turnover                           
3. Financier                                      
4. Pain Au Chocolat                         
5. Macaroons                                    
6. Apple Pie                                      
7. Quiche Chicken Ham and Cheese

Don't understand what they are?
Don't worry, I will explain it below and how I think about them 😊

For the first tier, we have the Fruit Panier and Apple Turnover.

For the left pastries (the smaller size one), it is Fruit Panier, which is something like fruit pie. They have prepared 4 different kinds of flavors of fruit fillings, including apple, strawberry, mango and raspberry for us. I normally have no expectation on fruit pie because I personally prefer natural fruit, rather than jam. Surprisingly, it does not taste too sweet or artificial, which is something to my liking.

For the right pastries (bigger in size), it is the Apple Turnover, which is like a puff pastry. Just like the apple pie, it is filled with apple filling. But the difference between them is that the apple turnover is softer and more crispy, compared to the apple pie. Both of them are not too sweet and taste equally good.

For the second tier, we have Financier, Macaroon, and Pain Au Chocolat.

The Financier (back left in 2nd photo), is the small French almond cake, with 2 different flavors. It is a bit hard on the outside, but moist inside. I love the taste of it but not the texture. When I was eating it, I feel like I am eating a cookie, which is in a cake shape.

Macaroon is my favorite and they have pistachio, chocolate, berry and caramel flavors. I got to try the pistachio, which is the green one and it tastes so good! πŸ’—
You know what? I will never say no to macaroon xD

Pain Au Chocolate is the one at the front in the first photo and it's like the chocolate croissant. 
It is so nice and soft, with the chocolate melted inside. It is so addictive that I feel like getting the second piece. HAHAHA.

For the 3rd tier, we have Apple Pie and Quiche Chicken Ham and Cheese and the plain croissant.

Apple Pie is the one at the left. The base is a bit hard a and I am not a big fan of this, especially after having so many apple pies and tarts previously. 

Quiche Chicken Ham and Cheese is the one at the front, and it's the only savory pastry that we got in this high tea set, besides the plain croissant. It's like an egg tart, but with ham in it and cheese on the top. This is really delicious and all my friends love it. 

The croissant is pretty good, but nothing special about that cause I can get it in any of the bakery shops. I prefer eating it without spreading anything on it, but if you want to make it more flavorful, strawberry jam and butter are provided. :)

For me, I love the Pain Au Chocolat and Macaroon the most because I personally prefer sweet pastries than savory. As you guys might already know, I have sweet tooth for dessert πŸ˜„

For my friends, who prefer savory pastries, 
they love the Quiche Chicken Ham and Cheese the best. 😊

BTW, the high tea set comes with fruit tea and it smells so good!
It has helped to balance out the sweetness of the pastries after having so many. 

Once again, thank you, Shannon and Chez Leoniel for having me <3 

And that's all for my high tea session with them. 
Thanks for reading!

For more details

Facebook: ChezLeoniel
Instagram: ChezLeoniel

          Address: 15 Lorong Gurney, 54100 Kuala Lumpur.
Email: Leoniel@hotmail.com                 
Tel: +60176102420                          
Website: www.leoniel.co                                 
Operating hours: Tuesday- Friday 9am to 5pm
                 Saturday 9am to 6pm
Closed in Monday, Sunday and Public Holidays


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