Final Year of my University Life

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It has been awhile since I talk about my university life.

*Sharing an embarrassing story*
I actually didn't know how to spell "Academy".
There is once, I helped my sister to fill in the details of her form. As you guys might not know, my sister is studying at The One Academy. When I was filling the education part, I wrote "The One Acadamy". Yup, Acadamy. Then, they laughed at me and I defended myself as it is reasonable for me not to know how to spell Academy correctly because I don't study in Academy, but university. lol.

Okay, enough of nonsense.

To update you guys, I am currently in my last semester and I actually took up Winter School during my 1-month break before my semester 2 starts.

Not going to lie, I failed a unit when I was exchanging in Melbourne.
Despite that, I never regret studying that semester at overseas. It just kind of prove that I am not capable enough, especially in multitasking. Like I can't play and work at the same time.

I was really sad and embarrassed at my result. But luckily I have really supportive families and friends. At least, I tried my best and my parents are really understanding. They knew how much effort I have put and my face (acnes and dark circles) showed them all.

So, how was Winter School?

It was a great experience having a class full of "ang mo". That made me thought that I was back in Melbourne again. The ambiance was different because everyone was so active in class and it kind of made the class more fun. Btw, I took up a super boring unit, which was corporate governance (law unit), during my winter school. Without them, I would have fallen asleep in class all time.

Long story short, I have not got my result yet, even though it is already 2 months since my final.
I am quite worried about that because I don't think that I did well in final >.< Law is never my kind of thing, even though it is an open book subject.  Luckily I didn't major in law, despite that I did think of majoring it before.

*Oh well, why am I repeating myself again? I actually dayred about my winter school before. Just that I wrote little by little everyday :P*
So for those who did not follow my Dayre, this is what had happened (kinda) during my winter class.

*Back to the topic.*

Final Year of University Life

It feels surreal to know that I am currently in my last semester. Even my friends and junior can't believe that I am in my last year. TQVM, I know I look young xD

Life still goes on. I am still stressing on my studies. Especially when all the assignments are up.
It is really difficult to maintain your studies and "blogger life" at the same time.
I wonder how people can manage it. Do they have superpower? :o
Oh yea, not forget to mention that I am also a committee of a club and I literally have 3 jobs (student, committee and blogger).

After a few years of "hard work", I started to attend events in early July. It's really annoying when some of the events are on weekdays and I really can't take the risk to skip any of my classes, especially when I am taking 3 Econometrics unit and BEX this sem. BEX is one of most "beneficial" unit that I have taken. I feel that it will be really useful for those who want to be entrepreneur or startup their own company, but it shouldn't be a core unit for business student :/.

Having so many jobs at the same time, I have to sacrifice some of the events and I feel really bad for posting my post late. The deeper the blogger career I going in, the more things I saw and realised.
It is not as easy/ fun as it seems.

I actually have a bucket list, which is able to experience being a Uni couple. lol.
I know it's lame but I love watching the drama which is about campus love. So this really makes me yearn on that kind of Uni life. I know I should stop watching drama and I always say that :P

BTW, I am currently looking for job in banking sector. I have applied 3 banks and 1 bank actually called me for interview. But I told them that I am more likely to go for interview after my finals.
Do you think that I have made a right decision? Or I should just go for it ? Hmm...

Lastly, I hope that everything goes well in my last semester of my Uni Life and
 I feel that I will miss Uni life so much T.T


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