EnCHANted Siblings 2nd Anniversary Party

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Hello Bunnies, hope you are having a great day.
A few weeks ago, Enchanted Siblings has turned two years old. I am glad that I am able to witness and celebrate its birthday with a bunch of bloggers.

Look at the full table of desserts and cakes!
It is like every girl's dream table when it comes to a birthday/celebration. 
The theme for the anniversary party is pastel, and that's why I am wearing a pastel pink dress.
I feel that I can blend into the decorations d 💕 HAHA.

A little story about EnCHANted Siblings:

There is this wall of image at their beauty salon, which kind of explain how they came out with the name of EnCHANTed Siblings. It is actually founded by the CHAN siblings: Celeste (1st sister), Munny (2nd sister), Ylinn (3rd sister) and KW Chan (the youngest brother). 

Enchanted Siblings is actually the first themed beauty prestige in Malaysia that provides a wide range of beauty services, such as nail services, Korea Semi-permanent, Bridal Services, Nail course and Swarovski crystals and accessories supply.

Entering the door in Sri Petaling Branch, you will see this 2 huge and classy chairs at the entrance. 
After I registered myself, I was brought into the beauty salon and I didn't expect the place to be so spacious. 

The pedicure area.
There are 3 huge sofas with sinks for customers to have pedicure.

Notice that wall of glory, with all the certificates at the left-hand side of this picture?
It is actually the entrance where I found that the themed beauty prestige is wide and roomy.

Have you wondered why is it called the themed beauty prestige

This is because they have themes for both of their beauty salon. They started their business at Sri Petaling, with the name of Erelise, which is pastel home themed. They have been known as the No.1 nail service in Malaysia after 6 months and this has made their beauty salon to grow even faster.  

Later on, they opened their second branch at Publika with the name of Lunaria Palace, which is pink heaven palace themed, the next year. I am so happy with their successful business and I feel that they definitely worth the achievement because they work so hard for it :)

Beside the Pedicure area and opposite of the wall of glory, there is this wall with full of gel polish. Look at the variety of colours they have! Now you don't have to worry that you can't find the perfect colour that suits you and to your preference 😊

The  first thing that got my eyes  when I entered the area!
Look at all the designs and effort that they have put on the nails! I am so impressed by their work and I believe that no other beauty salons can come out with such unique and pretty design than them.

I am super in love with the dried flowers design, which is so minimal and dreamy 💗
I am amazed when I know that they have more than 1000+ original Japan/ Korea, originally designed by Enchanted Siblings. Besides that, they also have Japanese Express Gel Extension and Bridal Nail Expert.

Furthermore, they are certified by SWAROVSKI, which allows them to use genuine Swarovski crystal for their artworks. It's said that the unique cut of the crystal makes the colour of the crystal to shine longer and brighter than any normal rhinestones 😍

You might think that this kind of crystals won't last long and can fall easily. However, they have used some special technique for the crystal application so you don't have to worry that your money will fly away 😉

Here are some of the Swarovski gel design that I got from Enchanted Sibling's Instagram.
So pretty and classy right? 😍 To my surprise, the price for  Swarovski gel design can be even LOWER than the Japan/Korea design! 😮

I am never a big fan when it comes to accessories. But this Pinku Bizu got my interest.
Besides putting the SWAROVSKI crystal on the nails, the Chan Siblings even came out with the idea of making their own jewellery! 

Look at the variety of charms and Swarovski crystal that you can get!
"Pinku Bizu" actually means Pink Bead in Japanese. They only use Swarovski crystal and Japanese fine beads for the bracelet. 

Do you know that different colours and combinations have different meaning and stories? :)

If you wish to add extra charms on your bracelet for special occasions, they also have this kind of add-on charms for your bracelet/ necklace. 

You can as well get the charms as a keychain for your keys/bags 😄.
Don't you think that it's super cute and adorable? 

One of my favourite activities in this events is the Pinku Bizu making
I have never thought that I am able to make my own bracelet and I have so much fun in making it! 😍 Thank you YanRu for taking this amazing shot of me while I was making my customised Pinku Bizu 😳

So pretty I cannot 😍 (Ignore the awkward hand posture. HAHA)
Extremely satisfied with what I have done. Also, thank you, Chan's sisters for the advice on making the bracelet! I am kind of untalented when it comes to creativity and I am super scared that my combination will be super weird. (Even though it is before the sisters helped me 😆)

Desserts and drinks are served as well in the event! 
They have matcha cake, cheesecake, yam cake and some unicorn cookies/cakes that everyone wants!
Sadly I didn't get to try that but I love the yam cake 😋

Here is a photo of ChanWon and I. I have been her followers for the longest time and I am glad that I am able to meet her again after the Canmake event. When I know that she will be one of the special guests to the anniversary party, I was so happy and what makes me happier is that she REMEMBERS me! 😍

I am glad that I am able to attend the event with my friend, Shi Kei (Zoey)
Bringing her out of her comfort zone and attend the event together is one of the things that I always want to do.

Some of the pretty shots that she got for me 😍
Thanks, Kei! 

Some of the photos that I have taken 💗

Also, a selfie with the table of my dream.
 But it seems that my face is too big to fit everything in. HAHA 😂

So that's all for the EnCHANted Siblings 2nd Anniversary Party that I attended with friends.
I will talk about my experience with their nail service in my next post. So stay tuned :)

For more information

Facebook: EnCHANted Siblings
Instagram: @enchantedsiblings 

Address (Sri Petaling): 11, Jalan Radin Bagu, Sri Petaling, 57000 KL.
                    (Publika): Block A1-G2-08, Solaris Dutamis, 50480 KL.

Working Hours: Everyday 11am - 8pm

Tel: +60126688717 (Sri Petaling)
+60136686688 (Publika)

Make sure that you make an appointment with them before your visit 😊
Thanks for reading!


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