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Hello, Bunnies! Welcome back :D
I am currently having a diet and it is extremely important to know what you are eating and consuming every day. Today I am going to share with you how to lose weight while eating! 

Sound ridiculous right? 
If you don't believe, continue reading then :)

Kurin is enthusiastic and keen in everything that it does; from sourcing authentic ingredients to serving wholesome meals that inspire people to eat better and live better. 

They have redefined fast food in a deliciously fit way and it is set out with a mission to widen the accessibility of clean and wholesome food on the go to those with a fast moving work life that also wants to maintain a balanced and healthier lifestyle. 

If you want to lose weight fast but find that exercise is not easy to come by, eating clean can be an effective alternative. Eating too many calories can lead to unhealthy accumulations of body fat and if you aren't very active during the day, your diet will be a key factor in helping you to lose our weight. 

Believe it or not, simple portion control and making healthy food choices can be enough to help you lose weight in short amount of time. :)

But how do you know what you're consuming is healthy?
I am very grateful to be able to be invited by Kurin to their food tasting session and during that session, I get to learn how a healthy meal is so important to us and outside food can be really unhygienic, as you can't see what's happening in the kitchen.

Thank you Jacqueline for sending this beautiful photo of us, learning how we can customise our own PokeBowl and Pokeritto. 

As you guys can see, all the work are done transparently for us to see how our food is done.
If you're early enough, you will be able to see how they even cut a fresh salmon! 
If you don't  know how the salmon dice is prepared, don't worry, I have photos to show you πŸ˜„.

Look at this huge tail of salmon fish lying on the cut board! I actually feel really bad for it though >.<
According to Jacqueline, she told me that the salmon fish is prepared freshly everyday to make sure that nothing goes bad. 

After cutting the fish into several parts, they will pick out the bone fish and make sure that all the bones are picked by checking it several times.

After removing the bones and the skin of the fish, they will start to cut them into cubes just the photo shown above.

 They have really strict standards and quality control for the food and services, as such, the day's unsold food will be contributed to charity or finish by the stuff rather than keeping it to sell the next day. 

Here is the founder of Kurin, Kenny, guiding us on what they have on their menu. 
They have a variety of fillings and whoever you are, as long as you are looking for a healthy life style, everyone is welcomed. 

They have fillings include tuna, salmon, chicken and even torched tofu who those who are vegetarian, paired with Japanese short grain and brown rice as the base. For people who are on diet, you can always choose carbless lettuce and cabbage as options to replace the carb. 

I have chosen raw salmon as my filling and Japanese short grain as the base. 
Look at that full scoop of salmon <3 OMG that's love 😍

Customers who prefer their meat cooked can opt to have their tuna or salmon torched
to enjoy an alternative decadent flavor.

Depending on the size, customers can select up to 4 different fruits and vegetables ranging from edamame beans, Chuka wakame, mango and more. For my PokeBowl, I have chosen, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, and corns and I really love this kind of concept, where you can choose any vegetables that you like to make the Pokebowl more personalized.

Also, freshness is one of the main pillars of Kurin's menu development so they do always make changes on the types of greens and proteins they use from time to time, based on whichever freshest they can get their hands on.

There is also a variety of homemade sauces to vamp up the taste of the food, such as Wasabi Mayo, Spicy Mayo, Ponzu Fresh (citrus infused soy), Teriyaki sauce, and Classic (sho-yu sesame oil).

I have chosen the classic sauce and it tastes really good. If you want to taste the freshness of the ingredients, classic would be the best choice because it won't cover the natural taste of your food.

 For that extra crunch, customers may add crispy garlic, crispy lotus or almonds to their order. Kurin also offers build-your-own poke bowls and salads.

For your information, I have put seaweed and ebiko on top of my Pokebowl 😊.

Presenting you guys, my customised Pokebowl! πŸ’“

It is range from RM11 - RM26, depending on the size of the bowl.

It looks so colourful and healthy😍. I can't even stop eating it! 
It is so healthy that I don't feel a single guilty, and flavourful where I don't have any feeling that I am mistreating my tummy.

Here is the Kurin's star dish, the Pokeritto, a hybrid of poke and burrito. 
Kurin's Pokeritto offers all the nutritional benefits of a pokebowl with a handier option, and it is ideal for on the go individuals.

If you're craving for sushi, everything is covered in Kurin :)
They have prepared sushi sets for those who are craving for sushi but can't find a sushi store nearby.

I tell you what, the price is so reasonable that it only needs RM18 to get the whole set. And look at the generous amount of salmon! It's so thick and I assure you, it is as good as any other sushi restaurant that you have been to! πŸ’“

Salmon Spicy Mayo Sandwich (RM18)
They have also prepared the sandwich for those who are in hurry for their next appointment and need something healthy for breakfast/ lunch. You can get it from the open air cooler with the drinks and puddings.

Besides the mains, they also provide desserts. The one I am holding is their Blueberry and Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding and it tastes really healthy and good. But my dad doesn't like it because it is unlike those puddings that we can get in the market, as it has chia seed and oats in it.

They also have Amazing Grace Chia Seed Pudding and Banana Chia Seed Pudding which is really good for those who want to lose weight ✋✋ All the prices are ranged from Rm10-11. 

Kurin has collaborated with Heal Nutrition and The Cool Juice for people who love juice and coffee. 

Thank you Tiffany for the group photo πŸ’—
Also,  thanks for Kenny and Jacqueline for having us. I have a lot of fun eating good food while not worrying about gaining weight at the same time πŸ˜† And I am one step closer to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Kurin, deliciously fit πŸ’—

BTW, do you know that Kurin actually started their business by online delivery? They have just opened their first outlet in Nu Central (level 5, beside GSC cinema) 😊

Opening Hour: Weekdays, 8am-10pm
                           Weekends, 10am-10pm


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