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Hi guys, I am giving away 3 Latoja slimming treatment vouchers for belly/arms and if you are interested in getting it, please read until the end :)

Few weeks ago, Latoja Centre invited me for a personal body shaping experience at their Luxury Beauty Lounge. Latoja Centre is actually a beauty centre that specializes in slimming, shaping and firming treatment. It helps people who have problems like cellulite, flabby belly/ hand, aka stubborn fat.

This is how it looks like in the reception of The Luxury Beauty Lounge. The lounge is also known as the beauty centre combining both Latoja Centre and Korea Mikwang Academy, where you can get all the beauty services from head to toe. Don't you think that this idea is really great? 😊

When I find mirror, I take ootd 😂

I found this huge mirror in the centre and the first thing I did is to take a ootd :D

I am going to bring you guys around the centre before I start into my experience on slimming my waist. The result is instant and I am pretty impressed with the result. 

This is the area where the beautician explains all the procedures and things that you have to know before the treatment. It is a very warm action when my beautician, Violet gave me a cup of warm tea. 
I believe that she does that to all of her customers :)

This is the room that I will be using for the treatment.
The treatment lasted for around 40 minutes and it is very important to have a comfortable room for you to relax and also have some privacy.

They have a few rooms, with different themes based on countries, such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, London and others. The room that I have used in the theme of Paris, where the picture of Eiffel Tower is used on the wall.

They have arranged some of their main products, which is the Latoja Body Slimming Cream on the rack. This is also the products that I will be using for the slimming treatment.

So, a little knowledge of this Latoja Body Sliming Cream. It is actually a slimming cream that adopts nano-molecular penetration technology that can be quickly absorbed into your body for decomposition, and burning fat. It can help to dissolve fat, which is hard to lose, in a more effective way. Areas such as waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms are some of the areas that have "stubborn" fat and no matter how hard you exercise, it will always be there. 

Most importantly, this product is safe to use and has passed the FDA test in USA. The result is permanent, depending on your own diet. If you still eat like a giant without controlling after the treatment, the slimming process will be a lot slower, or even useless because it is important to have a healthy diet. With some external help, it will only make the slimming result more effectively.

The slimming treatment that I will be doing is Belly Slimming Treatment, which consists of both machine and hand massage. It is now having a promo of Rm48 for first trial, but it is going to be Rm88 per treatment if you have already tried it.

This is the machine that Violet have used to "massage" away my fat.
With the help of massaging, it can break down the wall of my fat and conduct efficient decomposition, and burning stubborn body fat.

According to Violet, she said that together with massaging at the area that have applied Natoja cream, it can help to promote blood circulation and get rid of excess moisture and toxins in body. 

When she used this machine to massage my belly, to be honest, it is pretty painful. I assume myself to have a great tolerance to pain but this machine has really changed my perception. Even when she adjusted the level of spin to the lowest, I still can feel the pain in certain areas like the side of my waist. 

This is when Violet was massaging my belly fat.
During the treatment, I can feel the warm sensation and she said that it is due to the ginger extracts in the slimming cream. The warm sensation is bearable but the massage is really painful.

I admit that I have a lot of sensitive spot and I hate massaging, even neck massage. 
This is like another level. If you ask me, machine or hand massage is more painful.
I will say that both of them are equally unpleasant. 

However, when Violet told me that it can help in carminative to release unwanted gas and in rheumatism, I clenched my teeth and bear all the pain. Besides loosing fat, it can also help to solve constipation problem, and improve gastrointestinal motility, by massaging it. Boom ! All in one.

This is me after the treatment. After the massage, I have wrapped plastic wrap around my waist for around 2 hours. The purpose of wrap is so that the cream could be absorbed fully into our pores to increase metabolism. 

I am told not to eat anything or have any sweet drink in that 2 hours, so that the tissues in my belly can settle down and prevent any potential fat to fill in those "space" that I have removed during the treatment. 
After the 2 hours of "fasting", I then recommended to leave the plastic wrap for another 3 hours before I took my bath. This is because I might encounter "hot and spicy" sensation if my skin contacts with the water. 

During that 5 hours of waiting, I have encountered some fever-hot and itchiness on my belly and it is a normal process because my fat is burning. 

Now, let me show you the result. 

Before the slimming treatment, my waist was 68.5cm. But after the treatment, my waist is 67cm, which mean that I have lost 1.5cm in 40minutes ! WOW !

You can never get this kind of result in gym lor.

The effect is permanent and guess what's my waist length now ! 

Yup, it's currently 65cm 💗
Super satisfied with the result like all the pain and suffer is all worth it xD
Of course, I got control my food intake, like I didn't eat supper and stuff like that.
With the treatment, I feel that I slim down even faster.

However, I got some bruises around my waist in the next day.
According to my beautician, she actually warned me that it is normal to get bruise, especially when I am first timer. She even said that she has met customers that slept during the session, which is kind of crazy xD

No pain no gain right?

The bruise faded away after a week and I am really glad that there is no other side effect other than getting bruise around my waist. I must say that the pain kind of stay for a few days with my bruise and it is really uncomfortable, especially when I can't have any huge movement around my waist. I still went to gym after the treatment, but what I can only do is slow walk. I tried to minimize any intense exercise/ movement, so that my waist will be less painful. 

So that's all for my experience with Latoja Centre KL. The centre is located in Plaza Arkadia and I found that it is really easy to navigate. 

You can enter the Plaza through Entrance B and you will enter into the orange parking zone.
Then you can take the door that I have shown in the picture, with the LBL bunting, and sit the life to 1st floor. 
The beauty lounge will be on your left :)

Address: Plaza Arkadia, no.3, Jalan Intisari Perdanan, Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook:  Latoja Centre KL
Contact: +6012 6566561 (Ashley)/ +6016 2630402 (Violet)

 I believe that those who read until the last is waiting for the giveaway right?

Yup, if you heard before, there is this phrase called "best thing comes last".
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It's first come first serve basis until the vouchers are given out. Easy right ? 

Thanks for reading :)


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