Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet @ E-curve | Butterfly Gathering Hashtag Party

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Hi bunnies, today I am going to recommend this place that I have went for the Butterfly Gathering Hashtag Party! 

If you are looking for a place where serves both steamboat and BBQ, 
YES !  You have came to the right place. 😄

What is more awesome is that this restaurant is HALAL ! 
So, my dear Muslim friends, you are welcome to enjoy your meal here without any concern :)

Entering the restaurant, you will notice this huge freezer with variety of seafood preserved in it. 

If you didn't know yet, Pak John Steamboat & BBQ is actually a buffet restaurant, serving more than 100 dishes, where you can eat all you can. You can fry all you want or just get going with the food in soup and it's all your choices of sensational dish-mix.

Thank you Pak John for the invitation and TheButterflyProject for making this happen <3

They have 5 variety of soups for us to choose, including:

Beef Bone Pepper Soup: which is thoroughly boiled, mildly peppery yet moderately tangy. It can ease for the absorption of calcium and give immunity a boost.

Tom Yam Soup: which is one of our favorite soup. It contains the highest quality of Thai style spice mix, which heat up your tongue to demand for more and more.

Curry Soup: which imbued with nutritious aromatic curry spice condiments. This soup is bound to enhance appetite while favor you its benefits of better gastric motility and blood circulation.

Chicken Soup: where it has simmered with finest ingredients. The soup has the aroma of chicken essence and tastes great, especially with dip-in dishes that will arouse your appetite.

Miso Soup: where you can find all-in-one essence of miso paste, seaweed and home specialties that will turn every dish you soak in deliciously mouth watering.

My FAVOURITE soup will be the chicken and tom yam soup. They are so tasty that I can't stop refilling them. I personally love drinking soup a lot and that is also one of the reasons why I love steamboat so much <3 

Have I mentioned that they serve more than 100 dishes ? :O

Even the pickiest person can get full and satisfied in this buffet restaurant, because it has all the food that you need. You can literally find everything that you want over here.

They serve quality and fresh meat, including Premium Abalone slices, New Zealand Lamb slices, Australia Beef slices and even Smoked Duck breast ! Besides those premium meats, they also serve different flavours of chicken breast meat, including curry, black pepper, spicy, sweet soya and more !

All of their ingredients, even the premium meats are unlimited supply.  <3

They also have all kind of seafood, such as prawn, lala, squid and everything that you can find in the photos. All of their ingredients are prepared freshly everyday and are kept in the fridge/ soak with ice to make sure the food from going bad.

As you can see from the picture, they had a clear section for each type of food. So, you don't have to worry that all the food is mixed together.

Look at that rows and rows of vegetables. 
If you are a vege lover, don't worry ! Look at the choices of vegetables that you can get here :D

Craving for some dim sum?
Don't worry ! Pak John got it cover for you ;)

At the Dim Sum counter, you can choose each of your favorite Dim Sum. Meaning, you don't have to get the whole bamboo steambowl if you only want one dimsum.  This is damn awesome right?

Beside the dim sum section, you will find rows of sauces from spicy to sweet, 
which are all homemade by Pak John. 

You can get sauces like Spicy Thai, Thai Green Chilli, Super-Hot Chillies, which are best for spicy foods lovers. If you can't take spicy, you can always go for the sweet sauce or sweet chilli, which are really good as well.

We had a really hard time picking the food because we want to EAT ALL ! xD
Look at the table full of food ! I lost count on how many rounds we have gone to make sure that the table is always with food. 😋


Among all the PREMIUM meats, the beef slices and smoked duck breasts are my favorite :D 
They are heavenly good and are the MUST TRY in Pak John!  

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to you because they're totally worth it.
BTW, you actually have to request the premium meats as they won't be display at the counter :)

Like what I have mentioned previously, you can either dip the meat in the soup or BBQ it <3 
They're equally tasty *I am slobbering now* 😍

*Sizzling the cod fish like a boss B)*
If you love fish, you can always get the cod fish from the freezer and it's really soft and fresh!
Besides the premium meat, this is my other love 😘.

Gently reminder can be seen on the wall.
Make sure you don't over taken the food or not you will have to pay extra Rm10/ 100g of unfinished food. So, make sure that you get what you think you can eat and if you can't finish that much, you can always request for a smaller portion. :)

Yum Yum Yum
Look at me eating my chicken happily :D 


Their Waffle is also one of the best thing that you can get in Pak John!
You might already know that I have a really sweet tooth when it comes to dessert.
Even after stuffing so many food, I still can finish this whole waffle with this sinful scope of ice cream <3 

Besides ice cream, they also have kaya balls, fruits and jelly for those who are looking for a healthier option for dessert :) The waffles and kaya balls are made on the spot so that you can enjoy it when it's freshly out from the oven. 

For drinks, they have a Nescafe machine which dispense hot tea, teh tarik, as well as coffee.
If you want cold drinks, they also have 4 different type of cold drinks. 

Not to forget to mention the main purpose of having this fun "makan" session !
It's actually a community team bonding session for all the Butterflies and Pak John is really generous to have around 50 of us !

So, as an appreciation of what Pak John has done, we have this Steamboat BBQ Game that prepared by Ero and Tammy. <3 

All the tasks are super easy to accomplish and this has made the gathering more interesting and fun.

With Tammy and Yana

With Esther and Shannon

With Nicole and Ivy

With Nicole and Sharon 

I also got some steamboat ingredients from CB (Choice of the Best) !
I LOVE their fish tofu but the fish ball with cheese is a NO for me xP

Overall, I am super satisfied with my visit in Pak John Steamboat & BBQ buffet and it is unexpectedly impressive for a HALAL restaurant. 
Just a little sad if I am coming with a small group of friends because I won't be able to get 2 different pot of soup base. :/ So, the more the merrier 😄.

Pak John offers really good price for a Steamboat and BBQ BUFFET.
You can get Rm32.90 for a lunch buffet in weekdays, having so many dishes.

You tell me la. Where can you get such great deals besides Pak John 😁.

That's all the post. Hope it helps :)
Bye ~ 


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