July's Favorites 2017

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 Hi bunnies, I am finally back with another favorite post
I feel so sad when I am unable to share some of my favourite stuff with you guys because 
I have too little thing to share in a post and I don't want the post to be too short.

So, here I am back with July's Favourite :D
If you have been following, you might already know what I am currently up.
Yup, a quick summary of what I have done and some of my favorite items for the past month :)

1. Canmake Stay On Balm Rouge

This  actually like a colored lip balm, with some (little) staying power. It is very smooth and it glides off effortlessly when I am applying it. Even though the color is not as pigmented as it seem on my wrist, the color actually came off pretty well on my lips. It is very easy to apply and you can apply it directly even to chapped lips, which is super convenient.

It has a tinted rouge like a moisturizing lip balm and I always hope that my lipsticks/ liptints are hydrating enough for me not to apply lip balm underneath. Despite that the the staying power is not very good. It is still able to make my lips to have a very natural kind of tone.

If you are looking for a high staying power of lipstick, this might not be your best choice, but if you are looking for a good hydrating colored lip balm, you can try this.

2. PikaPika Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid

Last month, I have an amazing event (click on the link to know what happened !) that hosted by WatsonsMy and TheButterflyProject. I got to try and own this bottle of cleansing liquid where I can remove my makeup effortlessly even when I am taking my shower !

As you know, removing makeup might be an annoying thing for us, especially after a long day outside and you just want to lie on your bed and have a good rest. With this, you can remove your makeup in your shower to have a bright and smooth skin :D

3. Lucidol Argan Hair Treatment Oil

It is a leave in hair treatment, which can repairs split ends and hair breakage, leaving hair smooth and shiny and moist. It is has a Heat Protection Formula and UV Protection Formula to give extra protection for your hair from all the heat and damage.

It really makes my hair much smoother, softer and smells better. Head on to my blog to check out the difference after using it ! I was so amazed when I found out that  that it doesn't only give my hair nutrient and repair, but it also protect my hair from all the harms !

4. Song - Bride of Water God (Habaek) ost

Yang Da Il - The Reason Why

Lyrics : 
Things that can't be understood, like moments that are hard to describe
My heart had no movement at all. But today, it trembles like a miracle
What's the feeling right now? 💗

Savina & Drones - Glass Bridge 

This song is so heartbreaking though, but I love it 💗 cause super got feel.
And it is actually a English song, which mean that I understand what it is actually saying.

One of my favorite line is:
Over million troubles to meet, Nothing is easy

It is like telling us to appreciate and cherish the person who is by your side. 
You never know how many years it took for you to meet that person.
You will also never know how long he/she will stay by yourside.
We always forgot to appreciate things that we have and look for things that we don't have.
It is like cherish now, or regret later. 

5. Drama - Fight for My Way

 This story is about 4 young passionate young adults, who are fighting for their way to their dream.
I kind of relate myself to them, but I am still on the stage of wandering what to do in my future. 
They are so happy when they are able to do things that they like, even though they have gone through so much and it is a hard journey for them to achieve it. But their passion won't stop and I hope that I can do the job that I love and earn a living from it. It is a very positive, with some romance and funny kind of drama. Watch it if you don't know what drama to watch 😊

That's all for this post. Thanks for reading ! <3 


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