Heineken Apple Fox Cider- Real Apples, Real Attitude

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Do you know that Heineken Malaysia has launched a new apple cider in the market?
It has a fox personality, which is witty, spontaneous and mischievous. LOL. #WhatTheFox

Introducing you guys this Apple Fox Cider, which is New Zealand-inspired apple cider that can rush your senses with a crisp refreshing taste!  

The Apple Fox Cider is made from good and fresh orchard apples, that even a fox can’t resist of! By going into the heart of natural freshness – the orchard – Apple Fox Cider captures the essence of purity from where the freshest apples are grown. Stealthy by nature, the fox has been known to sneak into orchards to seek for sweet and juicy apples that have stolen the heart of a fox. #WhatTheFox xD

Thus, the brand has brought out an image that is fun and this apple cider will steal the hearts of those seeking a brand that stands for straight-up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge by putting the fox in their brand. 

Now, you know how the name of this brand comes. 😊

Apple Fox used the best kept secret making, inspired by New Zealand cider makers, to create a distinct and refreshing drinking experience. Of course, it is best when it is served over ice in a hot afternoon, which I believe not everyone will say no to. 😉

This Apple Fox Cider contains 4.5% ABV and delivers an instant refreshing taste. It is said that only the freshest apples from orchards all over the world are used to make the cider to ensure the natural crisp texture and intense flavor that makes the best tasting cider.

The meticulous process of creating Apple Fox Cider adds to the superior taste of the product. The selection of a perfect mix of crisp and tart apples is the first step in ensuring the unique brand flavors before milling and pressing process that releases the natural apple juice, which is the basis for the fresh apple taste. On to the fermentation, blending and filtration processes in producing cider that consistently delivers refreshing apple taste. 

“Globally a growing number of consumers are discovering the appeal of cider, and we strive to present the best ciders that fulfills this demand. Apple Fox complements our cider portfolio, offering the best secrets of cider making at attractive pricing for everyone to enjoy,” said Loh Ee Lin, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia Berhad.

Apple Fox is available from August 2017 and is available in 320ml cans and 325ml bottles from hypermarkets, supermarket, convenience stores and even in some of the bars, pubs and restaurants.

BTW, a special introductory rice from Rm5.80/can will be offered for a limited time to celebrate the newly launched of Apple Fox Cider in Malaysia!
So #WhatTheFox are you waiting for? :D

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