Swanicoco Product Launch Event

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A huge thank to WatsonsMy for having me in the Swanicoco Product Launch Event.
It is not as fun as the Pika Pika Tea Party, which is hosted by Watsons as well, but definitely worth the experience. 

A little introduction of Swanicoco, a brand that began making naturally fermented soaps which now is South Korea's leading cosmetics company. Swanicoco's philosophy stems from using its trademarked anti-aging fermentation process which produces natural bio ingredients replacing artificial chemical ingredients. It is dermatologically safe, having no skin side effects and earth friendly. Swanicoco provides the assurance of providing excellent benefits to the skin, including regenerating and controlling skin elasticity using organic herbal and botanical sourced from all over the world.

I arrived the place pretty early and I got to walk around and take tons of the photos before the crowd came. These are the main products that they are going to introduce. 

A.C control care Skin Toner & Emulsion 120ml/ Rm118.90

It is recommended for those who are acne prone, oily, neutral, dull skin tone and even sensitive skin. 
It is also suitable for those, who are looking for easy sebum control, pore control and those who in need of nourishment for vital skin

RH-EGF Pure ampoule 40ml/ Rm253.90

It is suitable for all types of skin, especially for dull/troublesome and sensitive. It has excellent regeneration power with addition of peptide, skin improving and preventing external stimulation. It is recommended for people who has dry skin that feels tight, need moisture without oil and it can also recover and give you new skin. 

Gold plant stem pure ampoule 40ml/Rm253.90

This is an intensive skincare that contains cultivated wild ginseng stem cell root and gold extract, which can help to control the elasticity and damaged skin. It can nourish you skin and help to keep it moisture and improve skin tone. It is a luxury treatment, especially for dry, rough, damaged, sensitive skin to bring back the brightness and firm of your skin.

Extra Hydrating Swan Cream 50ml/Rm126.90

This is for extremely dry skin and skin that become rough easily. 
It can be used as a sleeping mask pack, which can moisturize your skin overnight.
I got a full size of this, so I might be doing a more detailed review for this so stay tuned :)

Another picture of me. 

Thank you YanRu and Ivy for helping me to take the photos <3

This is the beauty booth for all of us to know more about the products and try them on.
The skin consultant here is really helpful on giving us a brief introduction on each of their products.
But I was like keep taking picture non stop 😂 Sorry, if I annoyed you. LOL

This is me trying the Real Essence Hydro Balancing Oil.
This smells really decent and not too strong. I hope that I can get it on hand though.

Took a candid shot of the beauty consultant, who was explaining the products with the beauty bloggers, who have attended the event. 😊 All so busy taking photos though 😆

Members of media and bloggers also got a chance to understand the brand in fun games and activities card during the event. We will receive extra gifts, which is the mask sheet and more samples after we completed the tasks. 

The first activity is "Get to Know Swanicoco" which is the briefing session with the beauty consultant and I got my second star chop stamp after I played the " Swanicoco Memory Game", where I have to match 2 similar cards as you can see at the background of this picture. The third and also the last task is to post a picture that you have taken in Swanicoco event in your instagram with hashtags. 😊

A welcoming note from the emcee. 

This is the opening performance. They are really talented. 
If you followed my instagram, you might already saw it from my insta story :)

This ballet swan lake dance performance is complementing Swanicoco's brand name, which mean pursuing the elegance of a "swan" (feminine) and "coco" (coconut, which offer botanical natural cosmetics), which mean "cuteness" in French. 

Swanicoco's product range including the Bitamin E extra matt emulsion, Pore Clearance, A.C control care skin toner, best seller Gold plant stem pure ampoule, RH-EGF Pure ampoule and the hydrating swan cream were showcased with the "live" skin care demonstration session conducted by Swanicoco's skin expert flown in from Korea, Ms Adia Song. 

The event ended successfully with the General Manager of WatsonsMy and General Manager of Swanicoco Korea placing the crown on the swan's head. 

Jazel Lim was invited as Swanicoco's social influencer to share about her beauty tips. 

They also provide food like Kimchi rice, kimchi pancake, soup and tea. However, the food is a disappointment.  Luckily it is not the main point of the event, or not it will totally ruined everything.

Goodies that I received in my goodie bag.

 Swanicoco is available exclusively at selected Watsons store & Online store in Malaysia.
BTW, I write this post is purely because I wanted to write not because of anyone. :)

Thanks for reading. 


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