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As you guys know, I joined the Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party few days ago.
I even blogged and vlogged about it. Go and check it out now if you haven't read it :)

So today, I am going to write a more detailed review about the products so that you guys can understand the usage and functions of the products better.

This is the Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid (Rm79)

This is the first product that I want to talk about. This cleansing liquid contains AHA and BHA, which can help to dissolve dead skin and impurities in clogged pore. It also help in brightening and peeling your skin, which can be acted as waterproof makeup, dirt and blackhead remover.

Usage: Wet your face, apply an apropriate amount onto palm. Gently massage onto the face to allow the makeup and impurities to melt off. Lastly, rinse thoroughly. 

Recommendation: All type skin

My thoughts
I really love the scent of this cleansing liquid, which is very fruity and apple.
What is more awesome about this product is that the AHA and BHA are extracted from natural fruit. It is very gentle and I can't believe that it can removes my waterproof makeup so easily! I always thought that only oil-based makeup remover can remove strong makeup such as mascara, effortlessly. (Watch the video below to know how amazing this product is :)

Like what I have stated, it contains natural fruit extract, which mean that it is save to use even for people who have sensitive skin. It does feel a little bit tingling when the liquid went in my eyes, but nothing uncommon on my skin. Also, it taste bitter ! (Don't ask me why I tasted it. LOL)

With this, removing makeup is no longer an issue because I can easily remove your makeup easily in the shower. Don't you think that it's super convenient because you don't have to spend extra money on getting cotton pad? :D

This is the Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask (Rm49)

It can help to purify dead skin and absorb excess oil.
What is more awesome is that it contains ARBUTIN, which can help to inhibit dark spots and freckles.
 It can even prevent skin aging and help to revive dull skin shortly ! 

Now you know why are these range of products called Pika Pika. :)

My thoughts

It has whitening effect which almost all the Malaysian love. But it really hurts when I tried to peel it off from my hand. :( We did not apply this on our face because this require around 10-15 minutes for it to dry.

I did not get this one for myself so this is going to be a short review for you guys who's wondering what it's for.

This is the Sparkling Bright Hot and Cool Cleansing Gel (Rm39)

I tell you, this baby is amazing !
Like the name itself, it have the Thermal Effect (hot) which can help to enlarge pores for removing blackhead and dirt, as well as Menthol (cool) which can help to soothe your skin and shrink pores
In summary, it has double functions, which are cleansing and repairing. 

It helps to purify dead skin and absorb excess oil and it is recommended to only used only on T-zone and blackhead areas. It can also help to revive dull skin, improve skin transparency and strengthen skin barrier! Thus, it is acted as old keratin and blackhead remover as well.

Usage: Apply evenly over cleansed nose. Then gently massage and rinse through when you feel cooling sensation.

Recommendation: Use 1-2 times per week for best result.

My thoughts

When I first tried it, I can feel that my nose is warm, and cool down later on after a few minutes. 
It has a very thick and sticky texture, which is pretty hard for me to spread. However, it has an advantage of being sticky because I don't have to worry that it will drip everywhere when I am waiting for it to cool down ;)

I am not sure whether is it because I do not have much blackhead on my nose, I can't see a huge different after using this products. I would like to try this on my cousin's nose, who suffered a lot of blackhead but I have not seen him in a while and I might update you guys here soon after the "experiment". :)

By the way, do you know which is my favorite product of all three ?
My favorite of the Pika Pika Skincare range goes to......drum rolls....

It's the Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid !!

This is a really awesome product and I feel that you guys should definitely try it :D

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Thanks for reading ! 


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