[Review] LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Hair Treatment Oil Rich Moisture

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I personally hate applying hair oil. Some of the hair oils are so thick and oily
that it makes me look like I have not wash my hair for a lot of days.
I have hair fall problem and I always feel very sad to see my hair to fall.

After I dyed my hair, I don't wash it everyday because I want the color to last a little longer.
However, it leaves my scalp oily and dry ends. This makes me even refused to apply hair oil.
(Btw, read my hair color transformation if you haven't :)

My first impression toward the LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Hair Treatment Oil was the smell.
Before I even tried it, I already fall in love with it because I am a person who is quite particular about smell. If it smells good, I will definitely give an extra point for it. :D

My sister even said that it smells like some high class salon xD
The scent that left on your hair after you had a hair wash/ after you visited the salon.

Like what is written on the bottle, this hair treatment oil contains and rich and high concentration  Argan Oil, which is process and compress with high pressure to develop high concentration oil. It can help to boost absorption for better spread to coat each strand of your hair for lighter and smoother finishing. It is also able to repair and restore natural luster for a shinier beautiful hair without greasy feeling. 

It is a leave in hair treatment, which can repairs split ends and hair breakage, leaving hair smooth and shiny and moist. Do you know that going for a hair treatment in a salon is super expensive?
With this, you can save a lot of money as it can intensively moisture thick and damaged hair for a consistent healthy shine and suppleness. All the nutrients that your hair need are all in this bottle ! <3

Do you know that this LUCIDO-L Argan Oil Hair Treatment Oil has a Heat Protection Formula that protects your hair from heat emitted from hair dryer or hair styling tools? I feel that this is especially good and useful for people who always style their hair to protect against the damages to the hair.  Besides that, it also has UV Protection Formula that protects your hair from all the UV rays ! Now, it looks like your hair also need to put "sunblock". :D

I was so amazed when I found out that  that it doesn't only give my hair nutrient and repair, but it also protect my hair from all the harms !


Texture and Fragrance

The texture is extremely light and it does't leave the sticky residue on my hand.
Yet, it glides on and spread on my hair easily and provides a good amount of moisture to my hair.
It is said that the product can be used approximately 100 times, estimation on 3 pumps per usage on semi long hair. Hmm.. we will see whether it's true or no :)

It has a really nice scent, which is flowery fruit (apple peach jasmine) smell.
It smells incredible good and the scent lasts for a long time on my hair.
My hair is still smooth and silky the next day and I tell you what, no one is going to judge me even if I tell them that I did not wash my hair. My hair is still smell fresh and people will just think that I just washed it :P

How to use?

 Before blow dry your hair 
1. Use the product after hair wash and towel dry
2. Take a small amount on your palm (1-2 pumps) 
3. Spread it on your palm before spread them evenly on mid until hair tip of your hair
3. After that, blow dry your hair.

Before using hair curler or flat iron
To protect your hair from heat
Apply an appropriate amount of oil on your hair before using any hair tools.

Final finishing for styling
To have sleek and beautiful shiny hair
Take a small amount and spread evenly on your hair, especially hair tips.
Blend a small amount of oil onto your hair to condition the shape of curls perfectly.

My thoughts

From the photos above, you can see that it leaves my hair shinier and smoother. 
It does look a bit greasy, but believe me, it is so light like feather and there is no any greasy feeling at all. Super love it, as it did not make my hair greasy or pull down any weight of my hair after application. It is the shine that makes my hair alive again and this is AWESOME !

You guys might think that "hmm, not much difference also"
Don't worry, I did another experiment for you guys ;)

My hair is not very damage after-all because I originally have a straight hair.
So, I decided to try the products on my sister's hair, which is a lot frizzy than mine.
And the result is stunning !

Look at the huge difference ! OMG !

Can you believe this ? This is my sister hair, which has gone through bleaching and dying.
It was so frizzy and dead but smooth and silky now !

 I seriously did not expect this outcome though because the frizziness in my sister hair is untamable.
She uses hair oil everyday and there is no hair oil that can make such huge difference.
This is her hair after her first use. Impressive right ?

Close up photos for you guys to see.

I will definitely recommend this for you guys who have dry hair or smelly head (LOL) 😛
Cause it really smells amazing <3

Shininess: 5/5
Moisture: 5/5
Weightlessness: 4/5
Scent: 5/5 
Price : $ (super affordable)

Overall rating: 5/5 💓 😍

Lastly, I would like to thank Nuffnang for giving me this bottle of goodness. <3

That's all for the review.
Thanks for reading !


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