Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party @ Foret Blanc

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Hi Bunnies !
Few days ago, I was invited to the Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party at Foret Blanc.
I feel very grateful to be able to attend the event. A huge thank to The Butterfly Project and Watsonsmy for having me. This is my first ever event after joining The Butterfly Project and I must say that this has really made my day.

So why is it called the Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party ?
This is because it is a tea party which is going to make our skin sparkle and bright.

Doesn't understand what I mean ?
Continue reading then ;)

To give you a hint, these are the babies that can do magic. :D

Here is the emcee, trying to introduce us the Pika Pika products from Japan.
Pika Pika is actually a Japanese word, which means glitter, sparkle or shine.
The emcee is very cute and I really love the way she speaks, which make the party so lively.


She has really done a great job in introducing the products and I am so excited to try out the products myself.

By the way, I will be doing a more detailed review of the products in my next post, so stay tuned. :)

After the introduction of the products, we have the No Mirror Makeup Challenge and
 I have so much fun doing the challenge !

Even though I was a bit insecure to remove my makeup in front of everyone, especially they are people who I just met. Fortunately, I have met a bunch of friendly people who have the same interest as me and they have definitely made this challenge extra fun.

Ps. I did not take any of the selfie because I look like disaster after the makeup challenge xD

This is us busy removing our makeup using the Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid  after the challenge.

Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid (Rm79)

I am really surprised by this product because it removes my makeup thoroughly, even my waterproof mascara ! 

I always hate applying mascara because first thing, my eye lashes are very short. 
I always spent a few minutes on removing it and I always ended up losing some of my lashes.
With this, I remove my makeup effortlessly within a few seconds.

Photo from Sherry.

I actually wanted to take an individual photos with everyone since they are the first bunch of friends I knew from The Butterfly Project. They are so friendly and they definitely have a young heart because I can't feel any age gap with them ! <3

This is the photo taken after we used the Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid to remove our makeup.
Don't you think that our face is brighter now ? #flawless #brightface #nofilter

Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask (Rm49)

This is the Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask which helps to purify dead skin and absorbs excess oil.

We did not apply this on our face because this require around 10-15 minutes for it to dry.
OMG, I don't know whether is it me or what, when I was trying to peel the mask from my hand, it hurts so much! It might because this is my first time using a peel off mask, as I don't see anyone having trouble peeling it off. I really can't imagine if I have to apply it on my face. 

But it really makes my hand very smooth leh. How ? T.T

 Sparkling Bright Hot and Cool Cleansing Gel (Rm39)

This product really does its job by having the name of "hot and cold". I can feel that my nose is warm when I applied this, and cool down later on after a few minutes. I believe that the warm effect helps to enlarge my pores for removing the blackhead and cool effect to soothe my skin and shrink pores.

Ps. I will write more detailed review on this in my next post. 

This is me trying to apply the Cleansing Gel on my T-zone, as well as areas where I have blackheads.

It has a very thick and sticky texture, which is pretty hard for me to spread. However, it has an advantage of being sticky because I don't have to worry that it will drip everywhere when I am waiting for it to cool down ;)

Before the dessert is served, we also played some games.

In the end, I only got the Cleansing Liquid and Cleansing Gel home because I did not get to answer any questions. Despite that, I still learnt a lot of things and have a lot of fun in the event.

Aren't that the purpose of this event ? :)
Meet friends and have fun learning new products.

The whole Pika Pika Skincare Products are only available at Watsons and it is better for you to purchase it online because it is cheaper as they are having some promotion going on their website :)

Also, don't you think that buying stuff online is always more convenient ?

Oh by the way, here is a greater deal for you guys who want to purchase Pika Pika products online! 
You can get Rm10 off with purchase of any PIKA PIKA skincare products using the promocode PIKA10A if you shop online at Watsons Online Store

The promo code is only valid until 31st July, so be fast ! :)

I will also try to upload a more detailed reviews in my next post as soon as possible before the due date of the promo code so that you guys can be more confident on purchasing the products. So stay tuned. 

Dessert Time !


Look what Foret Blanc has prepared for us !
I personally have a sweet tooth and this is like a heaven for me <3

I love their macaroon because it is really soft and not too sweet for my preference.
This macaroons are really tasty and delicious <3

I have tasted some macaroons that are way too sweet and not nice.
So I feel that this really suit my taste bud.

This is also very nice.
Unlike how it looks like, it taste a bit bitter but so yummy!
After my first bite, my mouth is full of coffee aroma and I love this so much.

Scones, my least favorite desserts of all because after tasting all, the scones taste extra 
tasteless and less flavorful.  I feel that people who doesn't have sweet tooth might love this. 

This is not bad.
I personally don't like cream, so I dig all the way inside for the biscuit and jam xD

 I love this as well because the chocolate taste is so strong that it lingered in my mouth even
after I drank lemon water. Love it <3

Special gift from Foret Blanc ! 

Look at the adorable unicorn dessert :D
I wish that I can keep them in my cupboard as a collection because they are too pretty to be eaten!

Ps. The unicorn macaroon is still in my fridge xD

To end this post, I shall share the video that I have filmed during the event. 
It is going to be a short one and I hope you guys enjoy watching it :)
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos !
*shameless self promoting xD *

Thanks for reading ! 


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