Happy 2nd Birthday Althea ! Unboxing And Customizing my "birthday cake"

by - 4:54 AM

This is my first time buying something from Althea even though I have heard a lot of good comments about it.. My parcel reached my place super fast, even though it is shipped all the way from Korea !
It is estimated to reach my place in 1-2 weeks time, but it arrived my doorstep in a week and WOW ! I am impressed. 

Guess what encouraged me to buy things despite that I am broke af 😆
It's actually the birthday kit that everyone is raving about ! 
To be honest, I have nothing to buy because I still have some stock in my cupboard.
Yup, I purposely bought something because of the birthday kit 💓

Click on the video to watch the whole process of me unboxing the Althea box and diy-ing my birthday cake :)

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Oh yea, click on the subtitle cc if you can't get what I was saying 😆

Hope you enjoy it. 


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